While numerous traditional magazines are failing right along with an economy which was based on resource-depleting practices, increasing numbers of readers are looking for true solutions for a joyful, abundant and sustainable lifestyle. Peace and Harmony is not seen as a simple inner experience within oneself any more, but as an experience with community and most of all, with Nature. The launch of “Space of Love Magazine" seems to be a timely response to a deep need and international demand for integrity and intelligence in magazine publishing.

The publishing team of SPACE of LOVE Magazine is celebrating the first issue of their new print and online magazine, which they describe as "an authentic voice of, and for, the Global Sustainability Network." Their international staff is committed to support a novel concept, namely sustainability one family-plot of sustainable land at a time, for which they use the term Space of Love, explains publisher Yuri Smirnov.

Asked what motivated him to create SOL Magazine, Smirnov says that his team was inspired "...by the incredible wisdom and vision of a young, beautiful recluse living in the wild of the Siberian Taiga, Anastasia, and a courageous business-man-turned-author, Vladimir Megre." The author has recorded the story and wisdom of this recluse in a series of ten books, and eleven million best-selling copies, translated into over twenty of the world's languages.

The editor, Regina Jensen, is a psychologist by training, who joined the team "out of concern for humanity's future," she says, and because of her passion for Nature and the Earth. "Many of us agree that our planet and world are in profound transition," she says, "and that we are facing a turning point in human history. While our future looks threatened and threatening in many ways, we are also closer than ever to be able to turn this planet into the paradise it was meant to be, particularly with the intelligent guidance we now have."

Covering wide range of vitally important topics, from Eco-village living and Permaculture to forgotten ancestral knowledge and non-conventional education, the magazine has received an excited and warm welcome in the eco-village and sustainability communities, as well as the field of alternative education.
Says Smirnov: "We seem to have forgotten our most inviolable power, to love each other and co-create this beautiful Earth as a Space of Love, the metaphorical and literal paradise-like garden it was meant to be. The recluse of the Siberian Taiga, Anastasia, envisions and holds for us a foreseeable future where every man, woman, child and animal can eat and live in peace and harmony."

The team's mandate for their new publication is to share writings and ideas which help its readers to turn the inspiring vision of a planet full of literal and metaphoric Spaces of Love into millions of small plots of self-sustaining family food-gardens all over the planet - a vision which they associate with true freedom and with joyful community living. Research and recent activities in Permaculture installations all over the world might indeed prove them right. Authorities from Europe to Australia agree. They have proven that they can "make a garden anywhere, regardless of soil conditions and weather".

You can find them at spaceoflovemagazine.com.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Regina Jensen is trained and licensed as a psychotherapist, physical therapist and Master Executive Coach with professional experience for over 35 years. Regina works as a consultant to the Media and entertainment industry and has been published widely in several languages. She is a writer and independent researcher with a commitment to "finding intelligent, expedient and joyful solutions for the predicaments we have co-created for each other on our Mother Planet". Space of Love Magazine

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