Have you ever seen a magician at a party walking around doing close-up magic? Everyone seems fascinated by it – even if the magician isn’t that good. There are probably just as many people hoping the performer will flop as those that are fascinated by it.

This brings me to an interesting way to approach women – by using magic.

Many guys will hang around an old haunt looking at all the great women come and go, but will never actually approach them. If they do approach someone, it’s usually after having watched her for quite a while, built up their courage (or drank enough of it) and then they approach. These guys also often fail simply because they don’t have a good ice-breaker – or any real game for that matter.

The benefit of learning a few magic tricks is that it both gives you a reason to approach someone and acts as the ice-breaker, all at once. It doesn’t even matter if you’re good at it or not! Most people will feel badly for you if the trick doesn’t go well and let you off the hook saying, “Well, at least you tried!”

In fact, you did. That’s the point of this approach. You put yourself out there and took a small risk. If you remember my article from last week, “The Three Keys to the Approach”, (http://beingaman.com/articles.asp?id=467) you’ll remember how important it is to stay positive, confident and upbeat all while putting yourself “out there”.

What’s really great about this approach is that it’s the trick itself that is “out there” – not you. Further, you don’t have to risk much as most everyone is interested in watching. You can approach individual women or groups of people – it doesn’t matter.

I’m not going to get into a bunch of magic tricks here as there are many good books on the subject. You can just learn a few fun ones and use them to approach anyone, anywhere.

Of course the magic is only the ice-breaker. You then need to be able to carry it somewhere. You can’t just make a coin disappear and then ask for a phone number! That is a good way to make your target disappear!

Instead, you have to establish some rapport once you’ve broken the ice, but at least the ice is now broken and the transition should be much easier. Keep in mind that you can also use a few magic tricks to build the rapport after the approach. Once you start talking to someone and get the ball rolling, throwing in a couple of magic tricks is a fun, safe way to draw in your target.

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