"The miracle of existence has always been a mystery to humankind. I can find no logical or rational explanation for the uniqueness of you and me. I am just glad that we do exist." --Suzanne Kyra

That there is something beyond us supporting our existence is a mysterious miracle. We often define miracles as those events that bring us improbable joy and fill us with gratitude. It is such a blessing that you and I exist. Co-existing with each other is a miracle that, when honored, is the cornerstone of peace.

I Have Learned
... that recognizing the magnificent miracle of our existence is joy in concentrated form. I often consider mathematically the odds of my existence. These odds reveal to me that our lives are a miracle. When I appreciate how precious our existence actually is, I can be increasingly open to the miracle of all that exists around me. This realization leads me to nothing less than a softening toward, and loving of, all that exists.

Musings on the Miracle of Existence, With a Sense of Awe
Weaving amazement with awareness brings us awe, and gives reverence to the miracle of our existence. What do you define as a miracle? What do you mean when you say, “It would take a miracle?” To whom are you a miracle? Who or what is a miracle in your life? Why is that so? What would you describe as not being a miracle? Why or why not? How do you show respect for your and others’ existence?

Enjoying the miracle of your existence requires that you associate with those who love the miracle f your existence, while also enjoying their own. Attracting and building these types of relationships challenges you to confidently discern who is good for your well-being, not giving up until you have the community you need.

My commitment to seeking miracles in everyday life and sharing them with the world is ...

The above is an excerpt from Welcome Home to Yourself: A therapist and photographer explore the meaning of life through individual lenses—a mother and son’s journey published in 2008 by Relationships Matter Publishing Inc. www.suzannekyra.com

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Kyra is a Registered Clinical Counselor, self-empowerment specialist, workshop leader, international speaker, consultant, and clinical supervisor at the Psychology Clinic with Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada. She is the author of the award winning book, Welcome Home to Yourself, which is about living authentically in harmony with self and nature. Kyra has over three decades experience in all areas of human development, and is an expert in developmental stages, parenting, intimate relationships, and abundant living.