"Dreams and visions have no boundaries. While limited by our consciousness, dreams and visions are the bridge from our unconsciousness to that not yet realized." --Suzanne Kyra

When I try to imagine the incomprehensible immensity in which we live, I visualize a tiny box on a planet that is itself a tiny planet in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is only one stream of consciousness in a vast universe whose meaning and magnitude we cannot yet comprehend. What does it mean to think outside the box we are given, to follow our dreams and visions? What would it be like to shed our instilled energy blocks, our insecure self-definitions, and do what brings us exuberance? Following our dreams is to live an illuminating experience.

I Have Learned
... that dream and vision making actualizes in the outer world a part of my deep inner psyche. It is living in fascination propelled by my inner calling. The greatness of my commitment to follow my dreams is matched by my willingness to take the risks involved in attaining them. Visualizing my dreams, and then living that vision as though it already exists, creates wonderful pathways to move forward in my life. These are the elements that enable me to live intentionally. My dreams and visions open my soul and expand my heart. They stir laughter and joy inside me. I find great satisfaction in living a meaningful life filled with creative, loving, and meaningful action. A common challenge I have wrestled with in my life and work is how to continue moving toward the next possibility in my thinking and behavior, while in the midst of ever-present obstacles.

Musings on Dreams and Visions, With a Sense of Possibility
Possibility means it could happen. The presence of dreams and visions demands that we see life through the eyes of possibility. What were your family’s actualized and non-actualized dreams and visions? How did your family support you to follow your dreams and visions? How similar or different are your dreams and visions from theirs? What yearnings and hopes stir and excite you? What are your empowering thoughts? Who would you choose to put on your dream team to support you in making your dreams and visions a reality? What are your core dreams and visions today?

We invite you to record each dream or vision as it surfaces. Find one other person, or create a dream team, to discuss and share your dreams and visions. Set time lines to actualize them. There is no magic to this process—only diligent commitment to a plan, determination, faith, trust, and intentional work making dreams reality. Use every day to live, breathe deeply, and courageously live your dreams. Imagine dreams as little sticky memos reminding you of your passion and purpose.

My commitment to my dream and vision making, and supporting others to realize theirs, is ...

The above is an excerpt from Welcome Home to Yourself: A therapist and photographer explore the meaning of life through individual lenses—a mother and son’s journey published in 2008 by Relationships Matter Publishing Inc. www.suzannekyra.com

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Kyra is a Registered Clinical Counselor, self-empowerment specialist, workshop leader, international speaker, consultant, and clinical supervisor at the Psychology Clinic with Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada. She is the author of the award winning book, Welcome Home to Yourself, which is about living authentically in harmony with self and nature. Kyra has over three decades experience in all areas of human development, and is an expert in developmental stages, parenting, intimate relationships, and abundant living.