The Ho'oponopono phrases are "I love you," "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," and "Thank you."

You can use these beautiful Ho'oponopono phrases on people, places, situations or anything in your life you want to 'clean'. Remember, using these phrases is a powerful way of 'cleaning' and clearing old memories and situations and bringing peace and harmony to your life and the lives of those you're 'cleaning' on. And it's so simple. All you need to do is to say the phrases whenever you think of them. You should do this even if you think there's nothing left for you to clean on. After all if you didn't have anything left to clean on, your life would be perfect wouldn't it?

Here are a few different ways you can use Ho'oponopono, gathered from various books and from the Internet. If you use these, in addition to saying the phrases regularly, you'll be constantly 'cleaning' your life, improving your circumstances and 'making right' the things that are wrong for you.

Seeing blue: Whenever you see anything blue coloured, remember Ho'oponopono and say the phrases. The more you do this, the more you'll remember to do it. It helps if you have something blue wherever you are. Perhaps you could have something blue on your desk at work and something blue on your bedside table for the mornings and nights. You could even carry a blue crystal in your pocket to remind you.

Ice Blue: The phrase "Ice blue," is immediately healing and cleansing so try and remember to say it whenever you need a 'quick fix'. "Ice blue" works especially well on pain. Just think the phrase "Ice blue" whenever you cut, bruise or otherwise hurt yourself. Use it to help yourself and also anyone else you come across who may be in pain.

Blue Solar Water: You can make blue solar water by placing ordinary tap water in a blue glass bottle and leaving it outside in sunshine for an hour. This will make your water pure and healing. Blue solar water helps to void the memories currently replaying in your subconscious mind that are causing problems for you. You can drink your water or use it for cleaning, cooking, or to rinse yourself off after a bath or shower. You can also add a drop of blue solar water to other water to cleanse it. And it's brilliant for making tea with!

Eraser: Find yourself a nice pencil with an eraser on the end, or a particularly pretty eraser you've come across, and tap whatever it is that you would like to clean with it. You can write down names, places, affirmations, phrases or situations on sticky notes and tap those. Or use an object to represent what you would like to clean. Then every time you think of it or pass your note or object, just tap it and say the phrases. As you do this you will infuse the eraser with the phrases and the more you use the eraser the more powerful it will become.

Picture Your Childhood: Find a photograph of yourself when you were young. Tap on it with your eraser and say the phrases to your younger self. This is a very good way of 'cleaning' old memories that may be causing you trouble today.

Ha Breathing: Dr. Len also says that doing just the "Ha" breathing can cure depression. To do Ha breathing, simply breathe in while mentally counting to ten, then hold your breath for a count of ten. Now let out your breath for another count of ten (you can even happily sigh while you're doing this if you want). Do this ten times or for however long you like.

At The Gym: Use the phrases while you're doing your exercises at the gym. If you're exercising to music you can mentally repeat the phrases in time with the music. Aim the phrases at your body and tell it "I love you" etc. and see the results at your next weigh-in!

Alternative Therapies: Use the phrases mentally while you're receiving or administering alternative therapies. This would work great with massage, reflexology or Reiki etc. If you're the client, do it to clean on yourself. If you're the therapist, do it to clean on the part of you that's connecting with your client's problems.

On Your Computer: If you have a particularly beautiful photograph, find a graphics package that allows you to add a caption or some text over the photograph and type the phrases there. Then set the photograph as the wallpaper for your computer. Hey presto! A self-cleaning computer! You could also make a screen-saver with the four phrases on, pasted over your gallery of photographs.

There are many more different ways to use Ho'oponopono too. There are only a few listed here, and if you have a really good think, you can probably come up with some of your own. Try it and see. How would you use it?

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