One of my co-workers was diagnosed seven years ago with leukemia. His prognosis was not very good; he was told he had about 6-12 months to live. His physicians informed him of the importance of chemotherapy treatment, which he refused to their surprise.

The patient decided to seek alternative methods of treatment. He researched the effects of diet comprised of raw fruits and vegetables. In his research, he came across a scientific study done at a nearby village of Chernobyl. The majority of the population located near the nuclear plant explosion had been diagnosed with some form of cancer. However, this one village had very few incidences of cancer. It was later concluded that the people's diet at this nearby village consisted primary of raw/cooked beets. The research scientists hypothesized that eating those cooked beets contributed to the majority of cancer-free population at this nearby village of Chernobyl.

Despite the advice of his physicians, my colleague thus began a strict diet consisting primarily of raw fruits, vegetables, especially beets, and fresh-squeezed juices. His prognosis was getting better. He made it through the first 6 months. Although his physicians warned he may have a relapse, he continued with the diet. Seven years have passed and my co-worker is still with us today.

The medicinal value of beets was used by such well-known doctors of the distant past as Avicenna, Hypocrite, Galen and Paracelsus. Doctors of Ancient Greece used beet juice to cure fevers, anemia, and diseases of the digestive and lymphatic systems.
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