Metamorphosis is a self-healing art and a philosophy on creating greater consciousness within. We use the concept of reflex points to address the unconscious genetic and karmic patterns that arrive at conception that create disease and disharmony in our lives and in our collective experience. As these patterns change we experience greater awareness, better health, genuine relationships and less conflict in life. As we change the work around us changes.

Robert St. John, the founder of Metamorphosis, saw the creation of this planet came with a pattern of stress that is behind all symptoms. His philosophy on Afference and Efference offers a unique and simple perspective on personal and global disharmony – and how to create balance in our lives. It also gives a lot of insight into our personal and global relationships.

Metamorphosis was originally called Prenatal Therapy. The work was created in England by Robert St. John during the late 1950’s. St. John observed several things in his experience with the healing arts that influenced his approach.

First, while working with the Bates Eye System, he observed that a person’s attitude of mind was reflected in every aspect of their being, including their eyesight, causing one to be long or short sighted. This became the basis for the philosophy of Metamorphosis.

While working with naturopathic medicine St. John recognized that the focus of this and most healing approaches were based on treating symptoms. While the symptoms usually went away, he noticed that they often returned or people experienced new symptoms, because the underlying patterns of stress causing the symptoms were not addressed.

Reflexology was very inspirational in developing the hands-on aspect of Metamorphosis. St. John noticed that there were many maps of the feet, all a little different, yet they all worked. He realized that it was the intention given to the reflex points that was creating change in people.

In observing life, St. John noticed that the overall patterns of humanity never really changed, there has always been illness, discomfort, disharmony, war and conflict, within and without. He realized that these primary stress patterns of humanity continue on because they have not been addressed at their origins. Based on these observations, St. John set out to create a means to access the unconscious underlying patterns/attitudes behind all of humanities disturbances, both individually and collectively. The outcome – Metamorphosis!

Metamorphosis uses the spinal reflex points in relationship to the prenatal pattern as a means to address our genetic and karmic patterns that arrive at conception. This allows one to create change on all levels.

Reflexologists often appreciate having an alternative ‘foot therapy’ to offer their personal growth orientated clients. Metamorphosis uses a gentle touch and does not require much effort in its application. It is an intuitive approach that involves working on the feet, hands, head and spine.

Author's Bio: 

Cindy Silverlock studied with the founder of Metamorphosis and is the author of "Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness Through Touch." Cindy has been teaching Metamorphosis since 1991 and has taught in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Her background includes a B.A. in Psychology, training in hypnotherapy, massage, reiki and various other alternative modalities. Cindy is also a Doula (pregnancy & labor support).