I bring to you a message of well being.

You are struggling with lack of knowledge and understanding about the way you create your experiences and I have come to help you through self discovery.

Many struggle with body size, weight issues. Take me in your hands and I will show you how through your own failure to accept how beautiful and wonderful you truly are that you confirm your low opinion of yourself and set your body up to grow larger through your own thoughts.

You have taken to heart many false beliefs about yourself and these show up in physical form through the symptoms of dis-ease in your body. Your body is telling you, screaming at you often, to listen.

When you begin to pay attention to what the body tells you, at once you will notice a desire for certain foods at certain times of the day. The body will cleanse itself and restore balance as you listen and move in the directions the body instructs you in.

Every seven years all the cells of your body are new, yet you continue to instruct the new cells with the same set of beliefs. It is no wonder that your body follows your thought and fulfills your wish to confirm your self beliefs.

My reason for sharing with you is to help you go deep within yourself and discover these beliefs, these creative principles that you have used for so long, and help you restructure them to better suit your desires.

Many also struggle with the question Why?, Why ? Why? In many areas of their life. I bring you the energy to ask the questions with open heart and mind so you may hear your answers.

I reveal deep understanding, that which you call wisdom. You have only to ask and apply what I share with you.

Emotions are another area many of you struggle with. Let me bring you peace of mind, intuitive understanding and the wisdom of the Eternal. You are so loved and so connected with the Source of Love, yet you have contorted your thoughts, beliefs and emotions so that you no longer feel and know this connection as reality.

Let me help you to clear the cobwebs from your thinking mind and make a clear path to your Inner Wisdom so that you might hear your Voice of Wisdom that has always been your guide.

Hold me in your hands, place me on your body, let me journey with you while you sleep. Together we will travel to wisdom, clarity and well being.

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified Spiritual life coach and energy healer. Her work includes classes and ebooks on healing and empowering your life using stones, crystals and energy work.
Donna also creates unique gemstone jewelry to enhance healing and bring balance to the wearer. For more information on her products and services visit

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