Think of your brain as one of the most powerful muscles in your body, because in a sense it is. It may be an organ however, without it, where would one be. People spend tons of money yearly to workout in gyms, go to spas for relaxing massages, and do everything in their power to stay physically appearing young, however they fail to take the same care and consideration to the most powerful part of their body, their brain. Without exercising your brain, you will lose its powerful functioning that was the reason behind your success to maintain the job that enabled you to hit the gyms, spas, and other forms of treatments to stay looking young. That is your first tip in improving your memory, work the brain, or lose it.

You can exercise your brain by stimulating it to new information, hobbies, and knowledge. Other ways you can exercise your brain is by moving away from mindless television and picking up a book, playing board games, memory games, doing crossword puzzles and other types of puzzles that force you to think. Break away from normal routines that become monotonous. How many times have you felt your car could drive you home from work because you have never strayed from a beaten path? It is the same way with your brain; if you do not give it new surroundings from time to time, it becomes stale or stagnant. Do anything you can do to throw a little spice up into your brains life.

That is just one tip that will help improve your memory, recall ability, and knowledge base. Here are some other essential tips to help one improve their memory.

• Pay close attention to details in print or when someone is speaking to you. Many times we assume we know were the conversation is leading so we tone out parts if not the majority of it. Learn to focus closer on conversations and details even if you do not think they are pertinent. It takes eight seconds for your brain to process a piece of information. Practicing focusing even with the most boring conversation will help you drastically in improve your memory and recall skills.

• Know your learning style and try to intake new information in that style. It will help your brain process the information quicker and even help cut down on study time.

• Use as many styles of learning that are best suited for you. Try to utilize as many senses in your learning styles as possible. The more style utilized the more your brain will absorb as well as you are giving your brain an excellent workout.

• Associate new information to information you have already learned previously or have stored. This will help immensely with recall.

• When taking in new complex material, learn to repeat it back aloud in your own words then write the information in your own words.

• Remember the days of spelling words and writing them repeatedly to memorize them. It worked then and it will work still at the age of 30, 40, and 50 and up.

• Remind yourself frequently that you want to improve your memory. This alone will help improve your memory up to 30% if done actively.

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David Rivera is the owner of Memory Improvement which has a unique combination of Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software.