Most people know that meditation can bring an expanded consciousness and make one feel more spiritual. While this is great in and of itself, it also has many practical uses regarding one's general health and well being. For instance, did you know that meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, increases mental abilities, focus, concentration, longevity, reverses aging, relieves emotional problems, and a host of other great benefits? It can even help one to overcome sickness and disease.

One of the major contributing factors to all physical disease, including cancer, begins with one's emotional and stress levels. While prescription drugs and surgery have saved the lives of many people, many doctors fail to take into consideration the root causes of the sickness. The drugs only treat the symptoms of the condition, not the whole cause of it. And without getting down to the root, it doesn't actually "cure" the illness, it merely treats it. There have been many case studies of people healing themselves by clearing away any emotional issues that are within. I'd still recommend going to your doctor for any illness, but also try a holostic approach to healing as well which includes meditation, yoga, accupuncture, natural herbs and supplements, etc. The supplements in and of themselves have healed many people of extreme cases of cancer, even after their primary medical doctor told them there was nothing else they could do and that they only had months to live.

So with all these great benefits of meditating, why isn't everyone doing it? Well for one thing, people are very busy these days and don't have time (or don't make time) to sit there and meditate. Plus it can take years and years to be able to reap the great benefits that meditation offers. I have been graced to find this technology known as binaural beats which induce deep states of meditation in your brain with little effort on my part. I used to be very anxious and depressed, but this technology has helped me to overcome this and I am generally much calmer and things don't stress me out as easily. I also feel healthier and more creative. All I do is listen to the soundtracks for a half hour to an hour each night before going to sleep (you can even fall asleep while listening and it still has a positive effect) and I feel more relaxed and calm while listening. And even better, the more you expose yourself to this, the more at ease you eventually become and permanent changes take place within you. The best part is that it doesn't take years upon years to notice the positive effects in your everyday living as it does with traditional meditation.

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