I didn’t know to call it “sacred geometry” when I studied geodesic dome design with the legendary R. Buckminster Fuller. A college student working on my art degree, I also didn’t know how blessed and lucky it was to be hanging around “Bucky” (who became the subject of the Beatles’ song “Fool on the Hill” and is now, years after his passing, on a US postage stamp).

All my young mind comprehended back then was the way all the triangles fit together into structure of such strength, beauty, and integrity. Geodesic design hinted of unseen realms beyond our 3D “bondage.” Inside a domed structure, I looked up and felt joy — being surrounded by eternal patterns of the universe.

Later, in my early 20s, when looking at astrology wheel charts for the first time, I recognized the geometry again and felt the tug from the triangles and squares and other angles in motion within a circle.

Every time I visited the hills of Arkansas, the quartz crystals from the mines brought forth more and more messages of sacred geometry. Using relocation astrology, I moved to the Spa City of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

One of the first people I met here was another astrologer (one with a Renaissance mind) Bill Medford. Recently, while looking for additional information on Arkansas quartz crystals, I came across the following unparalleled article by my colleague Bill, and asked his permission to share his writing with a bigger audience. He generously gave it. — Cait Benten


Although the Universe is filled with geometric forms, few display their beauty to human senses as quartz crystals do.

Most geometrics are either microscopic or macroscopic; either too tiny or too huge for us to encompass without microscopes or telescopes.

When we gaze upon, or hold, a Quartz Crystal, the sense of wonder we feel connects us to the Whole in a way we have usually forgotten. This sense of wonder is an authentic quality of Being, which, when we "stay with" it, can lead us into deeper realms of consciousness.

Arkansas Quartz Crystals, as six-sided Platonic Solids, possess the geometric qualities of the Law of Three; the potential to manifest radiance, creativity, and whole-making (healing), and the Law of Four; energy available through tension poised for release.

In Astrology, these laws correlate to the Sextile Aspect, a division of the Circle by six (60 degrees). The Sextile is understood as a blending of the best qualities of the Trine, or division of the circle by three (120 degrees), and the Square (90 degrees), a division by four.

The Sextile resolves the laziness of the Trine, and the conflict of the Square, creating Opportunity — through Intent, manifestation flows.

Another way of saying it: The more attention and energy focused through the crystal, the greater the result. And not only is quantity of intent important, but so is the quality. It is an axiom, among those who know Quartz Crystals well, that whatever is "going on in your life" will be amplified.

The sense of wonder is a truer expression of who we really are than usual conditioned states of consciousness which merely reflect our participation in consensus reality. — William Medford

Author's Bio: 

William (Bill) Medford is a professional astrologer with a great talent for understanding planetary transits and working with relationship astrology. He lives and works in Hot Springs, AR, and can be contacted through Golden Leaves Book Store, 501-623-7007.

Cait Benten, a relocation astrologer, now residing on an Arkansas hill full of quartz, includes a free, specially-chosen, crystal point with her full client sessions.