Wonder why I don't I have reduce "time management" listed as
one of my services? Easy. Because I have attended hours upon
hours of training, and read all the books, all to help me
manage my time. What I found is that very little worked.

Then in 1997, as a student of Coach U, www.coachu.com, I
became involved in a group of life coaching courses and
assessments that got me thinking. No wonder this time
management stuff wasn't working for me! How can I manage
something I have no control over: time? Think about it.
Can you really control time? Yet, haven't you tried?

What many consider to be time management is really a
combination of:
-- Expending energy to have a balanced life (whatever
balance means to you plus the reality of balance).
-- Clearing out life's clutter: removing everything you've
tolerated or become "at peace" with.
-- Going for life's true passion.

Recognizing that outside stuff always will come into play to
challenge us, what you can do is shift from trying to manage
your time to managing your life. And if what you know isn't
working out well you can request assistance for what you
want in your life: from becoming more aware of how you're
using your time, to accepting how you use your time, to
discovering what balancing your life means to you, to making
a plan that brings balance into your lives, and taking the
action to make it all happen.

It's time to shift your thinking and create the balanced
personal and professional life you're always wanted.
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