Your Best Chance for Success

As you read this article you will gain an understanding of one simple, yet powerfully effect strategy to acheive success. Apply the principles here and you will supercharge your chances for success

What if there was one thing you could do that was proven to increase your chances for success by at least 1000%. Would you do it. It's so easy that elementary school can be taught to do it. It's so powerful that Fortune 500 executives pay thousands of dollars at workshops and seminars it order to learn it. Now I going to reveal this one thing for absolutely free. Would you do it?

The simple strategy is this: Commit your goals to writing. Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Certainly, you must have heard this before. Have you done it. Why not do it NOW?

There are a few things to keep in mind when committing your goals to writing:

1) Start at the end. As you consider which goal you desire sufficiently to commit to writing start with thinking about the end of your life. What are those thing you want to have done, or been or acquired in order to feel like life was good? These are the BIG goals.

Then think of all the little goals that must be achieved in order to bring about the BIG goals.

2) Goals are a statement of what you want. Too often goals, especially short-term goals, are stated in terms of what is not want, "I'll lose weight", "Stop smoking", "Won't be afraid to speak in public", and so on. Better is: "I am maintaining a healthly diet and excercise routine", "I relieve my stress in healthy ways", and "I speak with confidence in public".

3) Goal have a specific set day for their accomplishment.

4) Goals are written in the present tense.

5) Goals are specific. Not "Be rich", but, "I am earning $8500 a month..."

6) Goals include a statement of what you are willing to do in order to acheive your goals.

7) Goals are reviewed and rewritten frequently and periodically (ie. on a planned schedule).

8) Goals are experienced as real. Enjoy your goals. Take time to do nothing other than to sit and enjoy imagining what it would be like when your goals are accomplished. This might be called directed daydreaming. Make it as real as possbile in your mind.

This will motivate you to perserve. It will help you to further clarify you goals. It may even help you realize a need to change your goals.

A CHALLENGE: If you have written goals, use this as a checklist.

If you don't have written goals don't let yourself go to bed tonight until it is done. And once done, reward yourself by experiencing it as real.

There are no guarantees of success, but if you don't do the simple things, resign yourself to living a life of "quiet desperation". You don't deserve success.

Do the simple things. And success is your.

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John Lundholm, M.A.R.N. is the author of numerous articles on health and success. A former licensed Psychotherapist,he is currently a motivational speaker, health counselor, web marketer, and webmaster of The Good Life Now Success and Personal Growth Resources and Brain
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