It is easy to be spiritually positive and philosophical
about life when things are going well. Even when exposed to
life’s misfortunes from a distance--distant relatives or
acquaintances--it’s fairly easy to conclude that life is
bringing them the experiences appropriate to their lives.
But what do we do when misfortune strikes close to home,to
us or to our immediate family? And how are we to react to
misfortune from several directions all at once?

What are the secrets to surviving and thriving in the midst
of life circumstances and situations which seem unfair and
undeserved? Our ability to deal successfully in such
situations is the key to peace and calm--the joyous life.

My initial reaction to bad events is to take action-do
something. But the key is not what to do, but who to be.
Life is bringing the circumstances we face for a reason. You
may not understand the reason immediately--maybe not for
some time. But assume there is a reason and it is the
perfection of life, so embrace it.

Then step back and observe what is happening from a
distance. Pretend it is one year later and you are looking
back at the current situation. Remember that this is not the
end of the world--you are an immortal soul and what is
happening is simply the experience of human life.

Listen to the story your mind is telling you about what is
happening. Is it an oft-repeated theme? Are you being
victim, loser, struggler, martyr, or villain? Is this a
script you have written and played out before, perhaps many
times? What payoff accrues to you from living within this
story? Be honest. There is a payoff to an often repeated
story line, or you wouldn’t be living it over and over.

Maybe this isn’t about your story. Maybe you are merely a
supporting character in someone else’s story. What gifts can
you bring to the situation?

Be aware of who you are being in response to what is
happening. Are you fearful, angry, vengeful, or depressed?
Are you distant, supportive, loving, or helpful? Ask
yourself. "Is this who I am?" and "Is this who I choose to
be?" Maybe you do choose to be angry, fearful, or depressed
for a time, but keep it short. Consciously realize you are
being as you are, and when you’ve had enough of that state
then choose another state of being that is more
representative of your highest self.

Recognize that the Universe brings you circumstances you
consciously or subconsciously call forth. Do these
circumstances allow you to continue the story that describes
who you think you are? Or do these circumstances give you a
frame of reference so you can experience bravery, joy,
insight, or love? There are no coincidences--no bad luck.

This moment is just the blink of an eye in the infinite life
of our souls. Live within the present moment while
simultaneously watching it from a distance as an impartial
observer. Experience the present moment and grow with it by
conscious choice.

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