Peace is a state of mind.
Peace is not the absence of war; war cannot exist in a state
of peace.
War is not an option for peaceful beings.
Peace is a state of mind, an intention to live peacefully
with all beings.

Waging war will never bring peace, just a temporary
cessation of war.
The last war fuels and justifies the next war.
The last war teaches hatred, domination, and power.
The last war trains leaders for the next war.

Peace is not without conflict.
Conflict is an unavoidable result of the diversity of human
In a state of peace, conflict is resolved without harm to
Violence does not resolve conflict-it nourishes it.

Peace is possible when each person, community, state, and
country has access to life’s necessities, along with a
reasonable opportunity to achieve life’s dream.

You and I can bring peace to the world.
How many hundreds or thousands of beings do I encounter in
my lifetime?
How many do I influence with a peaceful state of mind?
How many in turn, does each of them influence?

A culture forms person by person over time.
We built this culture of belief that war is acceptable,
justifiable, and appropriate.
You and I built this culture step by step, day by day.
We idolize and glamorize violent behavior, praising and
teaching violence through entertainment.

We declare wars on poverty, AIDS, and terrorism.
Poverty, AIDS, and terrorism still exist, proof that war
energizes its targets.

War is good for the economy, though we would never harbor
war for that reason.
Or would we?

We believe war is natural because we’ve been warring for
People have always killed other people: that’s just the way
it is, we say.

We confuse natural with normal.
Normal means a behavior is prevalent and accepted.
Natural means a behavior is inherent.
It is normal to kill others because we created a violent
It is not natural to kill others, contrary to claims that
survival behaviors in nature support this thesis.
Humans do not naturally and inherently need to kill to

We’ve decided to kill to resolve our conflicts.
This is the culture we built.

Tomorrow’s culture begins today.
You and I, acting with love, acceptance, and respect, begin
to form tomorrow’s culture.
You and I, acting with vengeance, hatred, bigotry, or greed
begin to form tomorrow’s culture.

Which culture shall we shape today?

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