This is the time of year when many of us will make NewYear’s resolutions-some out of habit, others out of thesincere hope to improve some aspect of life. Research andexperience tell us that most resolutions fail. Why is that?There are many reasons-some quite obvious, such as notreally wanting to make the change-but one reason thataccounts for many resolution failures isn’t reported in thegeneral literature. When you try to make a change to a lifesituation while violating the spiritual law of attractionyou’re bound to fail. You won’t find the law of attractionin any scientific text (yet), but it is critical to anychange you wish to make in life.

In my words, the law of attraction is that we attract eventsand circumstances that vibrate at the same or similarfrequencies we emit. All energy has an inherent vibrationfrequency, like the pitch of a voice. Picture positiveevents, thinking, and circumstances as high frequencyvibration-the treble-while negative events, thinking, andcircumstances vibrate at low frequency-the base. Weintuitively know this. When we’re feeling good, we often saywe’re high. And when we’re feeling bad, we usually say we’redown, or feeling low.

For example, let’s say I resolve to lose 20 pounds. Why?Well, I’m 20 pounds too heavy-a negative. By focusing on thenegative situation I wish to change, my thinking and myemotions center on the negative and I naturally emit the lowfrequency energy inherent of negativity. When I focus on thenegative, I attract more that is negative. That’s the waythe Universe works. Resolutions that focus on a negativesituation will only attract more of the same or a similarnegative situation.

There are three critical steps you must take to change alife situation:1. Acknowledge that you have the power to create the newlife situation you desire. This is important, for if youfeel powerless to make the change you’re contemplating youwill be powerless to make the change. Hoping you can stopsmoking is insufficient. You must know you can stop smoking.

2. Acknowledge that you want to change. This is your life.The life situation you’re contemplating must be somethingyou sincerely desire, not something someone else wants foryou. If smoking is your issue, to say to yourself, "I’ll tryto stop smoking" is insufficient. You must commit to it.

3. To make a fundamental change in life, you must focus onthe positive aspects of the desired situation, not thenegative aspects of the current situation. By focusing onthe positives of your desired situation you will emit thehigh frequency energy of positivism. And you will attractthe positive situations and circumstances of yourresolution.

If I’m to stop smoking, I must be able to see myself in apositive way as a non-smoker. Not only must I visualizebeing a non-smoker, but I must also be able to see myselfreaping the inherent benefits of not smoking: healthy lungs,clean-smelling clothing, white teeth, unstained fingers, andextra spending money. To make a change to your lifesituation you must be able to see yourself-positively-in thenew situation. The law of attraction will then work for you.

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