When you spot something synchronistic acknowledge it. Get yourself in high alert today. Be alert to the miracles that are happening. Notice how you think of people and they call. You think about something and it happens. You have this power. You have the power to influence reality. When something miraculous happens, practice jumping for joy. Say to yourself “Thank you God, Universe, All That Is, Source Energy, Unifying Field,” I still can’t figure out what to call it.

So what ever you call it, thank it! Be grateful. When something magical happens to me, I immediately call my buddy Thach, and tell him because he is a bonafide master of the The Law of Attraction, and by telling him, I solidify it…The Drunk Monkey starts to get that it’s real, and has an easier time in the future accepting my outrageous intentions! By the way, if you haven’t studied with Thach lately, he teaches The Science of the Miraculous…go to www.matthewferry.com to read all about it.

Another example of expecting synchronicities and declaring miracles is our daily reporting system. Any time something amazing happens you can call the testimonial line and report it. Here is the number…800-609-9006 x6926 I want to here from you. I want to be the person you tell, that solidifies it for you. The more people you tell about your unexpected, unexplainable, good fortune, the more unexplainable good fortune comes your way.

Every time I send you a Being Unstoppable post card, and there is a link to write your miracles, record them on the phone and even up load your picture!!The purpose of this discipline is to create focus and put energy on the tiny little miracles that are happening all around us. Unexplainable good fortune happens constantly for people like you. The key is to amplify the energy of it by acknowledging it.

I have a client named Sid. Sid told us something amazing today and we, as a group, all got excited about and amplified the energy of it. He put a buyer under contract and on the way back to the office, the buyer made an unreasonable request. The buyer asked if Sid wouldn’t mind driving by another property, even though she had no intention of buying it. Most Realtors would honor this request, but feel like it was a waste of time and complain to themselves internally. Sid, being a student on Matthew Ferry Int decided to roll with the request and see what happens. He just expected something good to happen because of it. (Expecting synchronicity).

When they arrived at the property Sid noticed a man flagging him down. So Sid rolled down the window and the man said, “Are you Sid?” “Yes”-said Sid. “You sold my mothers house 5 years ago, and she was just talking about you. She wants you to sell her house, do you have her number?” the man said. The rest is history but you can imagine Sid’s shock and delight.

The coaching we gave Sid was to give up the shock because to be “Shocked” means you don’t believe that things like this happen to you. If it’s a surprise then you aren’t practicing expecting miracles to occur and they won’t. Instead focus on the delight. Get excited about each tiny synchronicity; thank the Universe/God/Source (what ever floats your boat) for sending it your way. Daydream about the synchronicities and miracles that have occurred in your life and watch that part of your life expand. Keep saying to yourself over and over again, “The right people, at the right time are falling into my lap. My intentions are being delivered to me with perfect synchronicity”.

So what has been happening with you lately? What good things? What exciting things? What wonderful things? You have been practicing the principles of Being Unstoppable now for a while. Have you reported any unexpected, unexplainable good fortune? Have you reported any unstoppable moments? People you called that you had been putting off. Actions you took that scared you, but you did it anyway?

Go ahead. You can do it. You can report. You deserve to be acknowledged. You deserve to be praised. You are a powerful creator.

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.