And so when the life coach went through his preset, formulaic, question routine, I could instantly feel that the client was having a rather uncomfortable experience.

And that was especially true when the coach was intent on drilling down with the same question until it lost all its potency and vibrancy and electricity.

"So how does that make you feel... and how does that make you feel... and how does that make you feel... and how does that... "

It wouldn't have surprised me if the woman had cracked him over the head with her coffee cup and asked him... so tell me, how does that make you feel?

Remarkable as it is, coaching doesn't mean that it's only the speaking that causes the shift in a person. Not at all.

In fact, written coaching consultations and dialog may have an even stronger effect than the spoken word when it comes to transformation and change and breakthroughs and the funny thing is, many coaches really don't realize that the use of written communications is powerful... ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL when crafted well and delivered in a precise and concise way.

But it's not only the precise and concise that will receive attention. There's also something to be said for elaboration and for going slow and for total explanation. And when it's written in an almost joyful and dancingly creative way... well... it's like poetry and we could all do with a piece of delicious, beautiful, instructive poetry to help transform our lives.

And that's what's missing in our communication - warm delicious poetry. I mean, that's what's missing because it looks like everyone is like... everyone else when it comes to giving information and instruction and coaching and help and advice... I mean it's like an army of robots and it's all formulaic and it's all regimented and it's all too step-by-step and there's no emotion involved and there's no heart and there's no feeling and it's all like a never ending factory machine.

But we're not meant to function like that... NOT US, the beautiful human being that we are. We can't respond with our true expression and our true heart when we're fronted by a machine churning specialist.

And so when we write... when we put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, there's a magic that takes over and it's unlike anything we've experienced before and it's so beautiful because the people we're looking to help, well, they're now wondering what's hit them in this written communication we've just dealt them... I mean they're just wondering what on earth has just reached down inside their heart and has shown them a different way to be, to love, to create.

And it's just so exciting when that all happens; it's just so exciting.

So when you decide that the writing that you do, can have a real and deeply profound effect on another human being, you'll see how valuable you really really are.

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Raja Hireker is writer and coach specializing in helping individuals, coaches and business entrepreneurs create personal change and breakthrough transformations... all through his unique blend of powerful writing. You can visit his website and receive a remarkable free publication that'll show you how transformational writing can change your personal & business life. You can reach Raja Hireker by fax/voicemail on 44 208 764 1085, or by email on