When a speaker uses poor grammar or has error in their speech, their credibility can be destroyed. Here are words and phrases that can make a good speech and a good speaker lose the audience.

1. Irregardless
Although some people say this isn't really a word, it can be found in Webster's. The word means regardless. So, just use the word regardless.

2. Proactive
This has become an overused word today. It refers to looking forward and avoiding future problems. Instead of proactive, try replacing it with the words active or reactive.

3. Capable of
This is a weak phrase. Substitute can or able to instead.

4. Remains to be seen
This is a cliche. Avoid cliches when presenting.

5. In terms of
What does this mean? We hear it said all the time, but it has no meaning. Avoid these words.

6. At some point in time
What other point is there than a point in time? Just say, at some time.

7. As to whether
Why not replace with the simplier, whether?

8. As regards
Once again, this is wordy. Replace with, regarding.

9. Timewise and otherwise
Don't you mean regarding or as to? Much clearer.

10. Equally as
This is poor grammar. It is either equally important or it is important. Not equally as important.

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Submitted by Terri Levine, Public speaker/presenter, Speech-Language Pathologist, who can be reached at terri@comprehensivecoaching.com, or visited on the web at http://www.comprehensivecoaching.com

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