There is a fine line when it comes to knowing when to use the gift of our own reasoning and knowing when to rely on guidance from a higher source. Every day we learn more about the world, our self and about others – adding to our ability to make better choices and decisions, but we should also be learning to listen to the “higher” voice of Spirit. Since many people are comfortable relying on their own understanding and may not even be familiar with this gentle force that is wanting to take you to where you want to be, I will speak to this.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said “To let go is to let God.” This resonated with something my Native elders teach when they say “Be the hollow bone.” This may strike the non-Native as an odd thing to say but when you know what is meant by this statement, you will understand the significance of these words.

The “bone” they speak of is the ulna which is in the wing of the eagle. This bone is hollow and it is this bone that we use to make eagle-bone whistles. The bone is ready to be formed by the maker and waiting to be filled with the breath that will bring forth its song.

Using this analogy, our elders teach that WE are like this hollow bone, waiting to be filled with the breath of Spirit so that we may sing in harmony with our purpose and the Great Song of life. If you are feeling out of harmony with your purpose it may be that you are filled with your own ideas, thoughts and beliefs to the point that there is no room for the things of Spirit.

Instead of limitless wisdom flowing through us creating its spirit song, our limited scope of knowing clogs the hollow and we hear only our own tune. The breath of Spirit is subtle and the timing rarely fits our idea of “right” (we want it All and we want it NOW), and we fear that if we give up this illusion of control that we will crash.

Our ability to reason and determine is a wonderful gift and a valuable attribute. This ability definitely serves us as long as we remember that there exists a higher intelligence and a source greater than our own. Wisdom is shown when we know when to let go and let God.

I was asked once, “What happens if I let go and I fall?”
I asked in return, “What happens if you let go and find out that you can fly?”

The Creator can only take over if you allow it – THIS is your control.

Be the hollow bone and be filled with the things of Spirit. It is your ability to choose. That is the expression of free will. It is the choice of Spirit over self that determines wisdom.

Author's Bio: 

Ralph P. Brown is a Mohawk instructor on the use of the Medicine Wheel. He is a pipe carrier, ceremony leader, traditional storyteller and author of "Awakening the Eagle: A Guide to the Medicine Wheel" and "13 Virtues to a New Life: A Journey Around the Medicine Wheel". Having lived with several tribes and studied with many Medicine Men, he brings to his work a lifetime of study and experience. He operates, an online art gallery.