Telepathy is considered to be a form of extra-sensory perception
where communication between minds in the form of thoughts,
ideas, feelings and images are transferred through Psi, which are
Parapsychological abilities considered as a group.

Telepathy generally occurs spontaneously, especially in a tragic
event that results in the death or injury of a friend or family
member. Information however seems to come in different forms
such as feeling as if something is wrong, it may come in the form
of an image that flashes across the mind, it can take the form of
clairaudience in which you hear words or words pop into your mind
or visions.

Emotional states can trigger a telepathic experience and is true of
both the person who is sending the message and the one who
receives it. Telepathic experiences can be in the form of dreams.

In 1971, the government experimented with telepathy during the
Apollo 14 mission, and it proved distance is not a factor in mind to
mind communication. Edgar D. Mitchell, an astronaut got four
people together using a sequence of 25 random numbers, which
resulted in the completion of 200 sequences. Guessing 40 would
be about normal. Although Mitchell was 150,000 miles high; two
of the four ‘communicators’ on earth responded with 51 percent

Two well known tools for telepathy experiments are the use of
Zener cards and the Ganzfeld experiment. Zener cards are marked
with five symbols, an oval, a plus sign, wavy lines, a square and a
star. When in use, one person will be looking at one of the cards
and attempt to ‘send’ the image to a receiver. The Ganzfeld
experiment requires one person, that is the receiver who will be
placed inside a controlled environment in order to deprive them of
any sensory input and the other is designated the sender and will
be placed in a separate location. The receiver is supposed to
receive information from the sender.

Developing telepathic abilities, like anything else worth while will
take time, patience and practice. Meditation will increase your
openness to telepathy as you already know how to focus your
attention on something. Zener cards can be bought in any novelty
store, so get a deck of those and practice with a friend or a group
of friends at a party.

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