I believe you do want to Learn Chinese For Free. Here’s some very basic conversation of what Chinese language is like and how to speak Chinese.

Normal Conversation
Conversation in Mandarin
How to pronounce.

Peter : Hi, How are you ?
Peter : 嗨,你好吗?
Peter : Hi, Ni Hao Ma?

Jane : Hi, I’m fine, thanks, How are you?
Jane : 嗨,我还好,谢谢,你呢?
Jane : Hi, Wo Hai Hao, Xie Xie, Ni Ne?

Peter : I'm good, my name is Peter, what’s your name?
Peter : 我很好,我是Peter, 怎么称呼?
Peter : Wo Hen Hao, Wo Shi Peter, Zhen Mer Cheng Hu?

Jane : I'm Jane, I’m a teacher/engineer/doctor
Jane : 我是Jane, 我是一名老师/工程师/医生
Jane : Wo shi Jane, Wo shi yi ming lao shi/gong cheng shi/yi sheng

Peter : Oh, ok, I’m a dentist/lawyer
Peter : 噢,我是一名牙医/律师
Peter : oh, Wo Shi Yi Ming Ya Yi / LuiShi.

Jane : So, what do you think about this course?
Jane : 那么,你觉得这个课程怎么样?
Jane : Na Mer, Ni Jue De Zhe Ge Ke Chen Zhen Me yang?

Peter : This course is great!
Peter : 这个课程太好了!
Peter : Zhe Ge Ker Cheng Tai Hao Le!

Jane : Had your lunch already?
Jane : 你午餐吃了吗?
Jane : Ni Wu Chan Chi Le Ma?

Peter: Not yet, you?
Peter : 还没,你呢?
Peter : Hai Mei, Ni Ner?

Jane : Not yet, why not let’s grab a lunch together?
Jane : 还没,那我们一起去吃午餐好吗?
Jane : Hai Mei, Na Wo Men Yi Qi Qu Chi Wu Chan Hao Ma ?

Peter: Sure, let’s have Mcdonald Fast Food.
Peter : 好啊,我们吃麦当劳快餐吧。
PeteR : Hao Ah, Wo Men Chi Mai Dang Lao Kuai Chan Ba.

Jane : Good idea!
Jane : 好主意!
Jane : Hao Zhu Yi!

After Lunch …
Wu Chang Hou …

Peter : I think it’s time we need to head back to our course.
Peter : 我觉得是时候我们要回去上课程了.
Peter : Wo Jue Der Si Shi Hou Wo Men Yao Hui Qu Shang Ke Cheng Le.

Jane : Ya, it was a great conversation and nice meeting you.
Jane : 是, 太多好谈了,很高兴认识你。
Jane : Shi, Tai Duo Hao Tan Le, Heng Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni.

Peter : Ya, nice meeting you too, can I have your number so we can meet up in future?
Peter : 噢,很高兴认识你,我可以询问你的电话号码以方便联络吗?
Peter : O, Hen Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni, Wo Ke Yi Xun Wen Ni De Dian Hua Hao Ma Yi Fang Bian Lian Luo Ma?

Jane : sure, why not? Here’s my number.
Jane : 可以, 这是我的号码.
Jane : Ker Yi, Zhe Shi Wo De Hao Ma

Peter : Ok, thanks, I’ll catch up with you again later.
Peter : 好, 谢谢, 待会见。
Peter : Hao, Xie Xie, Dai Hui Jian.

Jane : Ok, bye!
Jane : 好,再见!
Jane : Hao, Zai Jian!

The Above conversation is translated from Up to down English to Chinese, and with pronunciation below the Chinese word. The pronunciation is not Han Yu Ping Ying(HYPY). HYPY is the correct way of pronouncing Chinese word, it has 26 of them.

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