It is a known fact when times get difficult and we experience challenges in our lives we tend o go back into the past in the search for answers.

Cycle analysis looks to forecast the future by looking at the past. There is the belief that what has worked in the past will work again in the future. Up to a certain degree this is true, but ultimately going back in time for answers is a very simplistic way of going about things and does not stand the test of time very well. In fact it is almost like refusing to go with the evolutionary flow of your existence.

Most financial experts get it wrong because they focus with their analysis on the past. In order to understand what goes on in your life and in the financial markets you need to have an understanding of how universal laws operate.

Things will work until they stop working. This may be an obvious statement, but let's look a little deeper here. Behind this statement hides one of life's fundamental laws, namely the law of evolution. Our life is continuously evolving. Nothing ever stands still. This means while life moves on and forward it also repeats itself. Hindu tradition talks about ever repeating circles. Yet there is a joker in the pack. While cycles do indeed repeat they never do so in quite the same way.

Chaos is your friend

Some of you may be familiar with chaos theory. Chaos theory states that out of entropy order ensues. Chaos theory is also an integral part of the evolutionary process. Chaos theory played out perfectly in the markets recently and in our lives in general. We are experiencing the symptoms of a major shift that affects everything and all of us.

If you paid attention in physics at school you may recall that energy cannot be added to or subtracted from, it is always the same, but its vibrational frequency changes. When old systems and habits give way, we are simply looking at energy frequencies changing.

You experience this change as chaos, confusion and uncertainty in your life. Our flawed view of the world makes us fear and resent these changes, yet chaos is a natural byproduct of change. Without it change simply cannot happen. It is rather ironic that we want things to change for the better and yet we fear the uncertainty change inevitably causes. This dichotomy causes us plenty of discomfort. It also stops us from manifesting the changes we desire most.

Our flawed view of reality makes us prefer good over bad, right over wrong and this again causes us plenty of unnecessary distress. The calm mind views the so called good and bad with equanimity. The internal chatter is reduced to a minimum since there is little or no resistance to what is happening in life.

Of you can learn to go with the flow of things and be as flexible as a willow your mind will be free to see many opportunities which remain hidden from view when the internal chatter of fear, anxiety, resentment and judgement dominate your internal world. Eastern wisdom traditions place a lot of emphasis on emptying the mind. This is very difficult for most Westerners and requires practice.

The main reason why we live in fear, anxiety and stress is to do with poor conditioning stemming from an incorrect view of how our reality works. This has resulted in mental programming that sets off our fight and flight triggers often unnecessarily. These false signals which make us fear losing money, our job, our partner and all the other things which are dear to us and represent a pseudo security in our existence cause the mind to produce the very thing you fear most. Loss of any kind.

Focus always gets you what you want and what you don't want

It is a proven fact that you will always get what you focus on. It is immaterial whether your focus is conscious or subconscious. For most of us our focus is subconscious. If you focus on losing you will lose, if you focus on hating chaos you will get more chaos. This is why it is imperative that you learn to let life unfold and be okay with the things that happen. Ranting and raving against the government, the Fed and so on only achieves one thing: You dissipate precious energy you could put to much better use.

I am not asking you to love the bad things in your life, but to just stay away from resisting them. You can wish for things to be better in the future, but if things are not going your way right now, let it be okay. This mantra of learning to love even your losses is much misunderstand principle of trading mastery and also the foundation of sound investment strategies. You can help yourself a lot by working on clearing fear, procrastination and other self sabotaging triggers.

Granted, there are no quick fix solutions, no matter what you are being told. You have to be willing to take responsibility and taker a good look at yourself. Persistent effort to increase self awareness though is the best way to make sure that you understand what goes on inside your head and causes you anxiety and fear. You can only deal with the demons you know.

Once you see what you are reacting to you will notice that most of your feelings and emotions have nothing or very little to do with the actual situation you are facing, but everything to do with old associations which have lost their relevance in your life today. You have moved on, but you are still using old coping strategies and evaluation parameters, without realising that you are doing it. This kind of awareness is very liberating and incredibly calming too.

I cannot over emphasize the importance to clear your stuff. Micro EFT and the like are brilliant tools which can help you. Used regularly Micro EFT is very calming. You will release sabotaging behaviour bit by bit with Micro EFT, if used correctly and regularly. It is an automatic process and requires only a little effort and intent on your part.

And finally, learn to breathe properly. Deep breathing is very relaxing and relaxation is key to a calm and receptive mind. When deep breathing is used in conjunction with Micro EFT you will notice an energy boost. And higher energy increases your manifestation ability.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach, energy therapist and author. She has written a number of books on the art of happiness and manifestation techniques. She specialises in the psychology of trading and investing. Sign up to her free course: 5 Little Known Secrets To Happiness.