Do you remember some of the things you believed when you were very young? Some of them were probably quite foolish. However, you may find that if you look closer at certain “foolish” childhood beliefs; you will find some insights for personal growth. I will explain.

Children are familiar with fairy tales. A common element of a fairy tale is a magic wand that has the power to turn pumpkins into carriages, toads into princes and rags into riches. As a child, you may have wished that you had a magic wand. As an adult, you may think that it was foolish to believe in the power of a magic wand. If you look at the belief closer, you will see that the only foolish part of the belief is that you need a fancy stick to evoke powers. You don’t need a fancy stick because you were born with immense capabilities and therefore the power to create many of the things in your life which you desire. With every decision that you make and every action you take, it is as if you wave a magic wand. By making optimum choices and performing the related actions, you have the ability to have loving relationships, financial security and many other good things in life.

Superheroes have superpowers. Did you ever dream of having your very own superpowers? Most superheroes gained their superpowers and motivation for saving the world as a result of some unfortunate accident or circumstance. Spiderman gained his powers when he was bit by a radioactive spider. Batman witnessed the murder of his parents as a child leading him to train himself to the peak of physical and intellectual perfection. It is true that “the strongest steel goes through the hottest fire”. You’ve experienced trials and tribulations, which have given you more strength of character and compassion for others. Isn’t that what being a superhero is all about - strength and compassion?

As a young child, you may have feared monsters under your bed or in the closest. If you did, you can now see that this was foolish because there was nothing there, and therefore nothing to be afraid of. As an adult, you no longer fear monsters under the bed; but you may fear uncertainty, the unknown or failure. Many of these fears are as illogical as the fear of monsters under the bed. Illogical fears can interfere with the powers of the magic wand that you were born with and the superpowers you have acquired. Illogical fears may even cause you to be unaware of these powers that you possess.

To put this into a practical context; you have abilities that you can use to regulate and control external and internal influences in your life. Let’s call these abilities, “devices”. By using your devices, you can be the person that you want to be, have rewarding relationships with others, deal with life’s upsets and live a more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many adults let illogical fears prevent them from acknowledging their devices and putting them to use. Learning about and using your devices is easier than you might think. First, see your fears for the “monsters under the bed” which they are. Next, acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with your devices and then; utilize them.

Your devices include things like positive thoughts, controlling unproductive worry, managing stress, solving problems, resolving compatibility issues with others and dealing with disappointments. There are many, many more. You don’t need any special skills or talents; you need only be alert, resourceful and motivated. Relevant information about your devices and their applications is generally available in personal development books and internet websites.

The challenge is not only to let go of your illogical fears and discover the power of your life devices; but also to recognize the pumpkins that can be turned into carriages and remember that you have the power to do it.

I recently co-authored a book that summarizes and explains logical and “easy to use” life devices and practical applications. One of the most rewarding experiences of having written the book is that it continues to serve as a reminder to me to identify opportunities to use the power of my devices. [If you’d like to know more about the book, please visit us at]

If you want to live your life with more happiness, strength and courage – quit believing in monsters under your bed, discover your devices, identify your opportunities and challenges and; use your power to create good in your world!

Author's Bio: 

Denise Lammi is a co-author of the book “Your Own Devices”, A Life Manual. The book is written in an instruction manual format and describes sensible techniques that can improve the quality of life. It is comprehensive, practical, easy to read, and entertaining. To learn more about the book or to order the book; please visit the website