Any expression of emotion is good for the soul if we allow it. Withholding our laughter can be as damaging as suppressing our tears. There was a time in my life when I held back both. At a level just below my consciousness I knew that they were there. It felt as though I was punishing myself and others around me for unresolved experiences in my childhood by numbing myself out to any possibility of being hurt again. Why expose myself to feeling anything when it only meant pain?

I made the discovery only gradually that opening myself up and expressing my emotions brought joy as well as pain. The even better discovery was that having pain was worth it because the joy I felt was greater than I could have imagined. It was as though my soul was being released through tears and laughter, and in the process my whole being was transformed. The transformation was a return to who I felt I really was all along; the small child in me who had bottled himself up and could now be authentic, adventurous and loving all over again.

One of the great joys in my life now comes when I see people who discover this for themselves and experience what they had perhaps lost without even knowing it. When that happens and they begin to carve out a life for themselves that has greater meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment, I know why I am in this work.

I want a new spirit of authenticity to permeate our homes, our businesses our schools and our governments. We can do that together if you want to join me and the team of people working through the Emotional Fitness Institute to bring more harmony and happiness to the world.

In peace

Warren Redman

Author's Bio: 

Warren Redman trained in the UK as a psychotherapist, facilitator and coach and has developed his own unique style of Emotional Fitness Coaching. He is president of the Emotional Fitness Institute (formally the Centre for Inner Balancing), writing about, teaching and coaching people in Emotional Fitness. He is the author of fifteen books, including the Award-winning The 9 steps to Emotional Fitness, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace.

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