As human beings it is inherent to want to self-actualize and build lives of deep profound meaning. This is what each of us came here to do. One way we celebrate life is by getting clear on who we are and what we are here to do. When we are clear, we are able to tap into our purpose and find our passion. I believe that we discover that purpose through our relationship with our spiritual nature. Every person was designed with a purpose in mind. Our passion comes from learning to trust God and letting life unfold.

Our mission is the same, to allow spirit to express through us. Regardless of the work we do, we can be attuned to spirit. The truth is, we all work for God! A consciousness of God is an awareness of good. When we notice the good that is all around us, we are able to live more creatively and with a feeling of celebration. In this way, we make a contribution to the world no matter what we are doing!

We know from scientific theory that everything is made up of energy. Life itself is energy. Even our words have energy. It makes sense that there is power in people coming together to create change. Mastermind groups, support groups and online groups for personal and spiritual development are tapping into the same power that Jesus spoke of when he said, “Where two or more are gathered”. What has been known for centuries is being written about and talked about a lot more openly today.

Popular author Caroline Myss said, “We evolve at a rate consistent with the groups we are plugged into energetically.” In order for us to create positive change in a faster more efficient way, we tap into the energy of a group. That is one reason why internet communities are really taking off. People want to feel a part of something, and if that group also supports their well-being and mission in life then it’s a win-win for all!

Do you need support in discovering your purpose and encouragement to allow yourself to live a life of passion? What groups are you plugged into that support you? Are you a member of a supportive organization or a mastermind group? In what ways can you reach out to others to support them and allow them to take you higher?

Life a life of celebration! Set your intention now to live more purposefully and passionately. Look around and see what this friendly Universe has in store for you.

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