Everybody claims to want to know the secret of life, yet most will turn their backs on this article. The reason is that we all know what the secret life is and we don't want that getting in the way, as we blissfully stumble along. The secret of life is that we are spiritual beings living what appears to be a non-spiritual lifestyle.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we all realize deep inside that we already are perfect beings. And that was precisely what our problem was way back before this physical reality. When you are perfect and all-knowing, completely surrounded with permanent ecstasy, you have absolutly no means by which to judge your situation. How does one know that they are so wonderfully blessed, if there is nothing to compare this sensation to so that a true appreciation can be realized? The answer is that you can't, unless you create an opposing sensation to compare your original one, sort of a cosmic yardstick. Welcome to the world of the physical. A place of never ending contrasts, where your every aspect of spiritual joy can find its counterpart within the negative realms of pain, struggle, and frustration. It is here, while in our human bodies, that we re-create the true ecstasies of spiritual bliss by experiencing its cruel counterpart.

The path to happiness lies in our ability to accept our current situations. When we begin to realize the incredible depth that we have gone in order to express our spiritual joy, then we can begin welcoming our struggles with open arms. Our potential joy will be determined by the intenseness of our human experience. As spiritual beings, we have put great effort and energy into creating the illusionary physical worlds of restriction and separation.

We should not be shy about experiencing them to their fullness. The secret of life is that we have willingly chosen darkness so that we may know the light. We have chosen death so that we may know life. We have chosen evil so that we may know goodness. We have chosen judgement so that we may know acceptance. We have chosen restriction so that we may know freedom. Need I say more....

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