Although there are many types of anxiety, the majority of us at one time or another suffer from general anxiety which makes us feel anxious and worried about what's on our mind. Although it's considered normal to feel anxious or worried at times, general anxiety is characterized by excessive or unrealistic anxiety and worry about life or circumstances

Understand that this isn't a fleeting concerned are a thought process that's recognized in passing, but is persistent and ongoing. Many of the symptoms can also be related to the panic attacks as they are as much physical in nature is mental. While the symptoms aren't as pronounced as those of a panic disorder, they can include muscle tension, sweating, stomach and intestinal pain, headaches and muscle tension. These symptoms are due to your body are working to prepare itself to deal with the perceived danger or situation that's causing the anxiety.

The cause of anxiety disorder or excessive worrying is really unknown. Specific medical conditions and dealing with serious medical issues have been identified by some professional sources is one cause of anxiety. This should be questioned however, given that a reasonable person facing a serious medical condition or even someone dealing with that condition would naturally show concern and worry.

There are many people that believe that worrying about things that you can do nothing about is not only unproductive but can be a trigger for anxiety. This is not really accurate as even though you cannot directly control the cause, it can still impact you. A good example of this is the ongoing stress in many work environments today.

In earlier years, people in the workplace had to deal with office politics and satisfying the customer. Today however, the pace of technology has made many jobs obsolete or placed the unreasonable demands on employees. Add to this, the ongoing loss of middle-class jobs to offshore outsourcing companies, huge increases in taxes and Social Security that all but eliminate savings for many, and you have the perfect storm for many people to be anxiety ridden. Add to this the high cost of living that keeps many only a few paychecks from being homeless and anxiety can same very appropriate.

It's simplistic to assume that someone coping with stress and anxiety in that sort of situation is worrying excessively. Although very few can directly change many aspects in this example, this may also tend to lock them into an anxiety ridden cycle.

If you believe you're suffering from ongoing or constant worry caused by your life situation, you may want to consider rethinking your career and life with a view to simplify it. While the goal may originally have been the big house in the suburbs, two cars and a demanding career, the cost to obtain and keep that dream may be the ongoing worry and stress of anxiety disorder.

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