Knowledge is power they say.
Maybe so, but for sure it helps to drastically improve anyones life.

Of course, collecting knowledge may be a hard thing to do for many, a certain intellectual capacity is required to achive such.

Knowledge and Astrology, does that sound familiar?
To some probably not.
Astrology is a broad thing, ranging from entertainment value only (the newspaper horoscopes) to future trend analysts like myself (see )

In fact, Astrology and Knowledge combined equals scientific astrology!

One takes everything intelligent anyone has ever written or said on astrological situations.
It soon becomes apparent that not everything consumed is fact, so the start into true research also in astrology is finding the distinctions between facts and fictions, in the same way conducted in any other science.
Seperate, analyse, question and requestion and test and use yourself as guinea pig, and analyse and test some more - until you are left with nothing but the bare essentials you found approved through all the obstacles along the research.

To conduct astrological advice for clients who want to know how they can improve or manage their own times and lifes better it is absolutely imperative that the astrological advice given is based on accurate birth data and on a knowledge base beyond believing (see my astrological knowledge base in my astro book script at

On this note i'd like to post my motto in live:
To total awareness

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Easiest way to find out about Scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert is to check this website of mine or my travel blog at

I started out as an arzist who had to learn that not every day nor every place is a good day or place to be successfully creative.
This brought me to the only science that can answer this sort of question totally accurate (i am talking about scientific astrology as i conduct it, not newspaper horoscopes or the like).
Self Improvement to me since then means to be totally aware of any time, place or personality i am living through with or at.
I have started my astrological research back in 1985 in Basel, Switzerland and extended my horizon with travels all over the planet, always with the help of Ephemeries and Tables of Houses by Dr. Koch