Poor memory is not something for just the aged or matured adult, poor memory can affect anyone of any age. There are many techniques that are available to people to help them improve their memory, however not all are as easy as they like to make it claim to be. Some require a lot of time, which in reality is partially the reason people tend to have poor memory, lack of time to pay adequate attention to things they need to store in their memory bank.

Recall is a developed technique that happens within our brain functioning from an early age. If honed on, it can be quite sharp. If one is lackey daisy about their memory, as in saying, I will have to make a mental note of that and although their brain may have taken note, they have not sufficiently gave it enough information for recall later when needed; the old memory bank will fail when drawing upon that particular information at a later date.

One method in helping develop a great memory is using a technique called the Link Method. It helps you to recall stored information better due to the way you packed it away initially. The Link method involves the use of mnemonics, an association between two things or items. This gives the brain clues to later use in recall of that stored information. This can be done in word association or by story association.

Say you are studying for a test, any class, and you have to be able to recall all the bones in the foot. First, you would write out a list of all the bones in the foot. After writing the list out which would look something like this: 5 metatarsals for each foot, 14 phalanges for each foot (3 phalanges for each toe per foot except the hallux, which only has 2), Talus, Calcaneus, Navicular, Cuboid, Internal cuneiform, Middle cuneiform, and the External cuneiform for a total of 26 bones per foot.

Next, you would take the words and put them either in a story form or in a word association form, which ever is easier for you to recall. In a word association it may be something like 5 metatarsals = 5 mega parcels = I am getting 5 mega parcels (metatarsals) tomorrow from 14 philanders = 14 phalanges. You would continue in this fashion with word association until you have covered all the necessary words in the list.

In story association, you tell a story using a combination of word association and a story theme. It may go something like this: Five little metatarsals took off on a walk when out of the blue 14 scary looking fanged phalanges jumped out of a bush. Each had three fangs except the little one, Hallux, who only had two. Again, you would carry on similar to this until you have used all the listed words. This is what is known as the Link Method.

The Link Method can be a reliable way to recall things, though it depends on the person remembering the story or the word associations.

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