Summer is here, YIPEE! This time of the year give many of us the chance to do many of the activities we love and bring us joy and excitement. Gardening, biking, roller blading, camping, fishing, races, walks, no matter what the summer activity we all get excited about our passions. What is it that you are excited and passionate about for your summer?

Finding love for our favorite activities is the easy part. Finding that same love and passion for ourselves is the challenge. When we become pre-occupied with our looks, weight loss and the scales the more discontent we become. What is it about “me” that leads to this discontent?

I know it is a lot easier to answer questions about what you love to do in the summer than the whys or what’s about your personal discontent within yourself.

Lack of self-love and acceptance is at the root of our weight loss and our happiness with ”me” issues. This is exactly what keeps us from moving forward and realizing our goals.

Think about the last time you felt really great about yourself. Had you stepped on the scale and number dropped? How did you feel that day? How did you interact with others, work, food, and your environment through out your day? Did you reward yourself?

Now, think about the last time you stepped on the scale and the number went up. How did you feel that day?

This is the emotional roller coaster that keeps us stuck. When I ask people why they continue to ride this roller coaster I often hear “because it’s just there…in the bathroom” or “I am looking for validation for what I am doing or not doing.” Each of us has our own reasons but when you come across a reason that is out side ourselves to validate our efforts do we love ourselves any more or less?

Love is the deepest root and the most meaningful tool in regulating how we interact with ourselves and in this world. If we don’t love ourselves first not matter where we are in our fitness and weight loss goals we end up viewing the world through our own skewed lenses.

When we learn to accept and love ourselves first, and really become aware of how we are standing in our way, the magic begins. Are you ready? I encourage and challenge you to the most exciting and joy filled summer yet!

Happiness is not what we strive to be it is by BEING happy.”

Here are the Aim For It Action Steps I have created for you this first month of summer:

1. Check in with your feelings when you weigh yourself, become aware of how you interact in your daily activities with family and friends and during your daily routine, also the choices you make around food.

2. Ask yourself if you are willing to release the hold the number on the scale has on you and still love yourself for all you were created to be.
“Constantly comparing yourself to others is debilitating; its denying God’s creative power in your life” Anita Renthroe

3. Are you willing to let yourself tune into your own wisdom to guide you back to love; back to being what you know is the true you inside and let it flourish for yourself and others to see. During a clients recent coaching session she shared she wanted to become the person she new she was inside, how about you?

Love yourself first then the steps to loosing weight will come to you by tuning in to your inner wisdom.


Author's Bio: 

Amy Lundberg owner of Aim For It – Fitness Coaching LLC helps women build an inner foundation to find balance and to bring about a healthier fit body and lifestyle. She has developed Self Care Before Sit-ups E-book and 10-week course. Amy is a certified Intuitive Eating Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. For clarity on today’s topic go to for more information and receive a free 45-minute consult help you “see” the positive changes you need to make that brings you lasting success.