Now that we are well into the middle of May, I imagine that most New Year’s Resolutions have long since been forgotten. In fact, a majority of these promises we make to ourselves are broken by the time we are purchasing candy hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. Did you set a certain goal to accomplish for yourself in 2009 that has now become another personal disappointment?

Maybe it’s that next pack of cigarettes that you just cannot stop yourself from buying when you stop for gas. Perhaps the trips to the gym that started at four times a week quickly dwindled to a few times a month and now you do not even know where your running shoes are anymore. We all know, of course, the number one resolution that is made by countless men and women every year—to lose weight. Feeling physically burdened by all of the food consumed over the holidays, you dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle and start off this transformation with great resolve and initial success. Why then, do so many people never meet the goals they set? Perhaps it is time to change your weight loss method and try an approach that has shown lasting success.

Clinical hypnotherapy can finally break you of those harmful yo-yo diets, food addictions, and overall feelings of disappointment and shame you feel every time you do not meet your weight loss goal. A trained hypnotherapist can alter your state of consciousness and allow the hidden powers of your unconscious mind to teach you and retrain your way of thinking. While in the relaxed state of hypnosis, your mind will be open to new suggestions of behaviors that assist in the weight-loss process. You will learn to visualize yourself as a thinner, healthier person and as thoroughly enjoying the steps that it takes to get to this end result. Instead of finding satisfaction when you eat a large slice of cake or greasy French fries, you brain will become conditioned to crave the green vegetables and fresh fruits that make those unwanted pounds finally disappear.

The therapist also can work with your opened mind to discover the root problems contributing to your weight issues and break that connection through directed, positive thinking. As most of us already know, men and women who are struggling with weight issues usually can trace their unhealthy relationship with food back to a source that has nothing to do with a refrigerator. A qualified hypnotherapist will work with you to improve your overall sense of health and well-being. Men and women who love themselves and who are open to the power of positive energy will discover a new outlook on any problem they are facing, including anxiety, addiction and, of course, the desire to lose weight.

If you have tried all of the diets and you still find yourself dreading that scale in your bathroom, perhaps it is time to become open to a new method. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of helping people with a wide variety of life’s struggles. If you want to be happier with the way you look and, more importantly, happier with the way you feel inside, I hope you will consider giving hypnosis a try today.

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Shayn is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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