Chickens are probably the least understood and MOST taken for granted creatures on earth. Man has been with chickens since he domesticated the first birds thousands of years ago. In Egypt, there are incubators still in use that date back to the Pharaohs! But, for all of that, we sometimes fail to see the lessons that a simple creature like the chicken can teach us. Allow me to share a very powerful lesson I learned from the lowly chicken which just might transform your life.

I was with my wife Lori one day, reading a magazine when I came across an article about the many benefits of keeping chickens. I was very impressed, as I have never been exposed much to real chickens. About as close as I've ever come is a box of chicken nuggets!

After reading that article a germ of an idea began to form in my mind: I could raise some chickens myself. This notion simmered and bubbled for a few days in my brain and then I went out on the Internet to do some research. I filled my head with knowledge and lore about chickens until I was an "expert". I figured all the angles for raising chickens at my home. I had researched the whole subject to the 'nth' degree.
And that is where most people stop. Dead in their tracks.

That is where most people say, "Well, after much research, I conclude that now isn't a good time to do this or that, since ___________." Or how about, "Awww, I can't really do that because of ___________¡". Maybe worst of all, they say, "I'll hold off for right now, until _______________". You fill in the blanks.

Then the whole idea slips away in the mud of procrastination, fear sets in and their great idea simply withers and dies.
But not me, dear reader. Not me! I pushed forward. I bought me an incubator, all the needed equipment and some hatching eggs from eBay. I learned to hatch chicks from scratch - probably the MOST challenging way to start raising chickens. Then I learned first hand what it takes to rear fragile baby chicks so they grow properly and don't die right off. Next came housing for chickens and proper nutrition and all the other experiences I had read about in my research.

And you know what? It works! I now have a small flock of birds, well housed and nourished. They will soon be laying eggs and I have even given away several birds because I did so well at it that I had a surplus! Now, I allow that chickens are self sustaining and don't take a lot of highly specialized care. But, I didn't know that going in. I had to learn that and all the other things about chickens that it takes to raise them successfully. And I had to learn it first hand by doing it.

I made some mistakes. I had to rebuild some things because I learned how hard chickens can be on anything that isn't sturdy. I had a few chicks expire. But, through it all I was determined to succeed. And I did

And that is secret to success that chickens taught me, my friend. Simply put, I made up my mind to do something worthwhile and I GOT IT GOING! One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Mike Litman*, says, "My friend, you gotta get it going. When it's just at a 'C' level, get it going. You'll get feedback and learn what works and what doesn't and soon you'll be at an 'A'".

Too often we bog down in "dotting the i's and crossing the t's". We are taught that it has to be perfect or we might fail. That we risk some safe haven if we venture out on the sea of uncertainty. Maybe you have felt that way, too. And, maybe you have something that you think is a good idea right now but you hold off for similar reasons. Maybe it's a new career, a business idea or something else.

Well, I'm here to promise you something. I promise that if you think it through and do your research and determine that it is worth doing - then get it going when it's at a 'C' level, you won't be sorry. You'll see success start to 'hatch out' all over and you will probably learn just how capable you can be.
But, you have to promise me something, too. You must promise that you won't "turn chicken" and give up, that you won't let naysayers and fear get to you. You will have to persevere and meet the challenges and setbacks with courage. Can you do that? I believe you can and I know that you can create wonders for yourself.

And if you keep to your promise, just like my now healthy, happy chickens, you will have something big to crow about!
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David is a REALTOR and beleives that ral success is reached when you "sail beyond the safe shore". He has helped others and woule be glad to speak to you. He can be reached at