It’s believed best not to look back to move forward; but if you do this wisely, it can make a difference.

Pick an issue . . . any current issue that has your attention by the, umm . . . balance point.

Underlying this issue is a belief you have about it, a belief that’s not serving you. Take a moment, unless you know exactly what this belief is, to identify the belief and write it down or do it in your head.

What we’re not going to do is judge this issue, or your feelings about it, or say you’re doing anything wrong. You want to identify where you are so you can, first, shift your energy or how you feel about this issue and then, second, find a next action, even if it’s just a small one. You’re not “broken,” you have a knot in your energy and we want to get it out.

How does this belief show up for you in your life or business? What kind of outcomes does it create? How does it influence or impact how you experience your life or business?

Think of a prior time when you felt the way you do now and you managed to work it out. We’re not looking for a similar situation, but a situation where you felt how you do at this time. If it’s a business issue you’re looking at, it may be that a personal situation comes to mind, or the other way around. How does what you felt then relate or connect to how you feel now?

Let’s say you feel insecure about your current issue. Maybe you don’t feel you’re good at marketing your business. Maybe a prior situation was when you felt insecure about going to party where you knew few people and ended up having a great time. See how the feeling (insecurity) is what we want to connect?

How did the prior situation work out? What happened or what did you do to sort it out or manage your way through it? You may have done this from an inner perspective by praying, meditating, going for a head-clearing walk, or any number of things. Or maybe you did an outer action or several actions that solved or resolved the earlier issue.

How might you use that solution for this present issue? Whatever you did that time, did it change things immediately or did it take some time? If it took time, how did you help yourself through that?

What new belief would you like to activate in yourself about your current issue?

If you do this technique, you allow yourself to know that if you did it before, you can do it again. You know what you did then worked, so there’s no reason it won’t work now. You may or may not take the same inner or outer actions, but you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of a solution or resolution. You’ve diminished all or a level of resistance you may have felt about being able to move past your belief about your current situation.

When we’re faced with an issue, especially one that has our emotions on full-throttle, we can forget that if we ask right questions of ourselves, we can get appropriate answers.

You have more inner wisdom than you may realize. You have an inner coach; you just need to build a partnership with him or her if you haven’t already done so.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders. Create miracles.

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