In these trying times, many are concerned about their jobs, investments and the future of our great country. According to the law of attraction, what you think about you create more of in life. Listening to the news and talking with friends and co-workers, your mind is constantly flooded with negative ideas, impending doom and the supposed sad reality of the current state of affairs. The subconscious mind is conditioned to react in these circumstances not out of faith but out of fear. To stop fear from running your life, you must become more conscious of your thoughts and where they are leading you.

If you allow fear to run your life, you can be pulled into darkness of your deepest anxieties and ultimately make unclear decisions. The fear will drive you to seek solace in money, food, mind-altering substances and other things of the world that can never bring you the salvation you desire. You will always be left wanting more, never satisfied and ultimately defeated. When you get to that point you may give up, become sour on life and disconnect from your spiritual practice. Fear has won.

You see, the fear was created because of your attachment to these worldly things. When doctors tell you that it is all in your head, they are right. Wanting things to be a certain way and in perfect order creates the upsets in your life when the opposite shows up. If you relied on money in the bank to feel secure, you are the one who creates the fear of lack when your 401K shrinks in half. Believing that one special person will make you happy creates the sadness when you are alone. You are in charge of your inner peace, and by letting go of the need for external situations to be different you can find serenity right now.

You may argue that you need a house and a job and food, how can you let go of the need for the things that sustain you and your family? I am not saying that you should not want a nice home, good income, health and family, my point is that just worrying about it doesn’t change anything. Your thoughts create the panic about the situation which leads to more experiences that reflect those thoughts. When you let fear run your life, you ultimately draw more circumstances to you that mirror those fears. You can take action to improve your situation, and best results come when you hold your mind in the highest vibration of thought to attract what you desire. By doing this you can not only shift your destiny but attain a great feeling of inner peace during any conflict in your life. When your mind is calm and hopeful, your brilliance shines through and inspiration flows.

Challenges are a part of being human. Instead of looking at your situation as broken, see your circumstances as what you have to work with in this precious life. When you give up the idea that things are going to be ideal one day, you can relax in the uncomfortable times that every human faces. True bliss is surrendering to the moment. Knowing that everything that you identify as good or bad is temporary, you understand that this too will pass. I am not saying to just throw you hands up and let your whole life go to pieces, but use every obstacle as an opportunity to become stronger…fearless.

Think about a horror movie. At the beginning, they only show you the monster’s tail or shadow and it seems to be very frightening. Toward the end of the movie, after a dozen scenes of the monster in full view, you become desensitized and the creature seems less powerful. Just like any of our fears, when we just get a glimpse of a situation without examination, it can rule us. When you feel anxiety, ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of?” or “What belief do I have that created this fear?” Once you identity the true root of your panic, smile at your fearful thoughts directly and stop allowing them to control you. By giving light to the circumstance and understanding that the source of your pain is based on a false idea in your mind rather than the actual event, you can become the master of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Berndt is a Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotic Love Coach, Author, Speaker, and the creator of Attract Love Today™ – a self-hypnosis system to attract true love. Berndt was a regular guest on Denver’s Channel 7 News and a contributor to Denver’s Lifestyles magazines. She is the host of The Love Coach which airs every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST on Real Coaching Radio Network. Berndt has been interviewed on radio stations internationally and spoken at conferences across the United States promoting the power of the subconscious and benefits of self-hypnosis. Her book, Let Love In, on attracting love with hypnosis is due out in 2010.