There is a subtle nuance to making affirmations focused. This detail will supercharge your life. The thing you think you want is not what you truly desire.

Coming up with wants is easy. “I want a new job, house, car, body, etc…” Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you want those things? What would a new job, house, car or body bring you? If you look beneath your wants, you’ll find that what you truly desire to do is change your feelings.

For instance, if you are feeling bored at work, you might want a new career, but why? I would guess that you want a new job so that you shift your feeling from boredom to excited. Hence, what you truly desire is a shift in emotion around your work situation.

The thing you think you want is not what you truly desire.

Behind every want is a feeling we desire to feel. Since the goal of affirmations is to evoke a feeling, it is vital that we identify the feeling we are really after. For each intention you wish to manifest, go deeper behind the surface situation to pinpoint exactly how you want to feel. We are feeling beings; our outer circumstances are only reflecting what we feel inside. Feeling can go both ways: you can feel something as a result of reality or you can mold your reality as a result of feeling.

To return to our career example, intending for a new job becomes exponentially powerful if you center your affirmation on the feeling of excitement, what you truly desire.

Which is more powerful?

I am now in a new job.


I am excited each morning to go to work.

The second affirmation includes the true end result that you desire. Your first affirmation could produce a new job that is still boring.


Two-years-ago I wanted to pay off all my credit cards. What did I focus on? Love. Yes, love. I realized that the deeper desire behind paying off my credit cards was to experience a deeper stress free love with my husband. The credit card balances had been creating stressful feelings and it seemed that I couldn't get a moment away from thinking about them.

When I decided to change the situation, I asked myself what a zero balance on my cards meant. I realized that it didn’t just mean less stress and more money, it actually meant love. I focused and affirmed love while intending for a zero credit card balance. And, it worked. Less than 6-months later all of my credit cards were paid off.


Sometimes the obvious is not exactly what we are after. To get to the root of your feeling, try the following exercise. Deeply relax, start at your toes and feel a wave of relaxation move up your body. When the boarders of the physical disappear and you feel like you blend with the surface below you begin to contemplate your situation. Visualize your intention. Imagine you have achieved the reality you are after. How does it feel?

Now imagine the other areas of your life that are not directly related. For instance, if you want to change your career, first envision your new work situation, next imagine how that impacts your home life, then think about how it affects your health and finally your finances. In each area of your life you mentally travel to, pay attention to how you feel. Which feeling came to you the strongest? That is the feeling you are after.

In our career example, assume the obvious emotion was a feeling of pride in your work. However, when you thought about the impact on your family, you more intensely felt freedom and love to by having the opportunity to spend more time at home. That would be your target feeling. That feeling is what will create the most energy to shift your career situation.

When you have an intention, ask yourself what feeling you truly desire to feel. Focus on that feeling, always.

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