Watching Christmas movies can be a life-changing experience. That is the message for the season being promoted by the new website, which explains how to find "Transformation through Christmas Movies." From family films to shoot-em-ups, there is usually a message in Christmas movies that helps viewers realize what's important in their lives.

When people watch certain movies at Christmas, such as "It's a Wonderful Life," "Christmas Vacation," and "Home for the Holidays," they want the actors and actresses to make mistakes for them, to show them the way out of their problems, to teach them what's important and how to let go, and to give them back that sense of absolute joy that comes with complete abandon in being alive - a feeling that for some reason gets lost until Christmas rolls around.

Author John Milam, Ph.D. explains that "Once people learn to see the tension in what the character in the film is going through and how it relates to what they're going through themselves, they're able to see things differently and the motivation to change develops." These movies provide immersion in a kind of "mini-ordeal." After watching them, Milam says, "We feel better and we're able to set our intention to open ourselves up to the synchronicity of the moment so that everything and everyone mean more to us this Christmas."

The website is based on the essay "Transformation through Christmas Movies," which is being expanded into a book-length treatment. A candy cane-wrapped calendar provides 40 days and nights of insights about specific movies. Memorable lines are listed to help readers reinforce the movie's message all year long. A series of questions is provided to help the reader reflect on the many life issues that are often magnified at Christmas.

The calendar of fun starts a few days before Thanksgiving and runs through New Year, with special Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve movies like "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," "Diner," and "When Harry Met Sally." A blog keeps readers involved and contributing to the unfolding experience of watching all these movies and reflecting on their meaning. Information is provided about new movies in theaters and DVD releases. There is a top 10 movie rating and a searchable list of over 400 Christmas titles - all available from online retailers to download, rent, or buy this holiday season.

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This site was designed by John Milam, Emily Bosacco, and the staff at, Inc. John Milam, Ph.D. is an educational researcher who has held faculty and administrative positions at the University of Houston, West Virginia University, George Mason University, and the University of Virginia before founding a consulting company in 2002 focused on knowledge management in higher education. Dr. Milam explains that he is "passionately interested in how simple, everyday activities like watching Christmas movies can help us become kinder, more compassionate, and better people. " A nationally recognized writer and speaker about higher education data, Dr. Milam is available for talks and keynotes about developing compassion and about Transformation through Christmas Movies.