Albert Einstein once said: “There are two ways to live - you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

You see, most people nowadays look only at the DARK side of life. For them, life is as black as coal. As a result, they ATTRACT negative events into their lives and then whine and whimper about it. They act from a point of view of SCARCITY and insecurity and think that there is no justice in life. To counteract these perceived injustices, they immerse themselves in a fierce fight for survival¯and end up DEAD tired.

As you continue reading, I want you to start realizing the MIRACLE of life. Because life, in fact, is a miracle of blessings. But if you really want to see how marvelous it is, you need to put on a new pair of glasses.

Just imagine how dangerous it is to enter a fight with life. Who do you think will win? You were born to live, not to fight! You must begin to change your perception and look at life with FRESH eyes. There are so many good things around you. If you fill your heart with gratitude, miracles will rain down upon you and flood all your dark corners with light.

You already know that positive attracts positive and vice versa. So if you simply follow Einstein’s advice and CHOOSE to live as if everything is a miracle, you will attract AMAZING events into your life. The law of attraction will be on your side.

Think of all the magnificent things in your daily life. Imagine the glorious sunrise, a lush garden, a vast blue sky, mountains thick with towering trees, fragrant forests, a mother’s kiss, a baby’s smile! Don’t deprive yourself of the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t take these everyday miracles for granted. Appreciating miracles is as easy as breathing¯and even your breathing is a miracle!

Think about it. Ordinary people, the ones who see only the dark side of life, live lives of fear, insecurity, and continuous pain. But YOU - you who aspire to be a successful, happy person¯YOU must see the light in your life, the bowl of succulent cherries that awaits you when you open your eyes every morning. And you must develop a sense of gratitude for everything you are blessed with.

Are you happy living a painful life, even when there is simply no reason to? What would happen if you chose to alter your attitude today and to see the magical power of GRATITUDE? What have you got to lose?

Remember that we create our own experiences. We have control, and the miracles are in our hands. So why don’t you create an experience of miracles, instead of adversity and pain?

Break through the blind spot, open your mind and heart, and develop the well-trained eyes that will allow you to see the miracles that already abound in your life.

Be grateful and open to the MIRACLE of life.

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