How to Become a Network Marketing Giant

Are you thinking about starting your own business? There are quite a few things that you need to consider, one being what type of venture are you interested in? Initially there are two directions for you to choose from. A service based or product based business. The first requires performing a service or services for someone else for pay. This business model has a major flaw, in order to grow you have to add employees. You can only be in one place at a time, if you are out on a job, then you have no one answering your telephone. When you start dealing with employees you find just how unreliable some people can be, with everything from not showing up on a job to theft affecting your bottom line and your reputation.

In the network marketing industry you eliminate a lot of these problems. Most of the people you would be dealing with are like minded individuals who want to run their own businesses. Some will be better than others, you will meet superstars one day, and lazy complainers about life the next. That is the nature of the business, accept it, and learn how to identify the real winners in a crowd. The number one rule to remember in your search, is that you want like minded people to invest your time with, someone who will work just as hard as you to make a success of their life. Time is a valuable commodity, so you must learn to treat it as such. Leverage it through a network of friends, acquaintances, and family until you end up with a powerhouse organization, duplicating itself from one person to another.

In order for this system to be a raging success, the products have to be something that people actually use, preferably on a daily basis. As if that wasn’t enough, they must also be better and healthier than what they are currently using. Everyone wants something better, your job is to give it to them. Start with yourself and everyone in your group using the products. I’m not going to buy a thing from you if you and your family aren’t using it, if you don’t believe in it you can’t expect anyone else to. You want to be involved with premium products that actually work. The anti-aging health and wellness industry is taking off like a rocket, thanks in large part to the aging baby boomer population. There are a lot of them, they have money, and they are willing to spend it in any way necessary to slow down the effects of aging.

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Ray Ferguson LMT is a licensed massage therapist and online retailer of anti-aging skin care and wellness products dedicated to helping others start their own businesses and lead healthier lives at