There are many concepts that people use for memory improvement. There are many methods to choose from, but there is one that has been around since the test of time. The Loci method is so ancient that orators of the Greek and Roman countries used it for memorizing speeches and lists that were lengthy.

The word loci means location or place. So to use the Loci method requires you to remember places or locations. You would have to picture them in your head. It could be anywhere and it doesn’t have to be somewhere that you are familiar with.

The Loci method is one of the mnemonic systems that is used for memory improvement. A mnemonic system is one that helps to improve the memory. When using this method, you can look at a park, house, backyard, kitchen, or anything that will help you to remember.

The Loci method works better when you have more than one thing that you need to implement for memory improvement. You should familiarize yourself with that place or location that you need to remember.

So if you need to remember a house, you may look at grass that surrounds the house. You may also look at the roof and if there is a gate, you can look at that also. In order to implement memory improvement techniques with the house, you would think about the grass that needs to be maintained and the roof that should remain sturdy.

Or, if you feel the grass needs to be cut, you will get the lawn mower and cut it. You don’t want to have grass that is growing as tall as weeds. If you want, you can look at a garbage can and connect that with the house.

You want to know that the house is still there, so associating grass, the roof and the garbage can are ways that you can do that. You know that they will always be there so you can’t miss their presence. Plus, you know that you will have to take action on them at some point and time, so you have no choice but to keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Sometimes, using this mnemonic method can be strange, but as long as it effects memory improvement in a positive way, then you would definitely benefit from it.

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