"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill, author of many books about the mind and success, wrote the quote many years ago after interviewing W. Clement Stone. It still holds true today. The mind is an incredible tool that has untapped and misused power. Science knows how to go to the moon, and yet they only know the tip of the iceberg information about the paranormal and the use of the mind to achieve success, live longer, live better and be happier.

The term paranormal is a misnomer because, there's nothing "beyond normal" using the principals of mind power, such as "The law of attraction". You use it everyday from morning to night. Many people, however, use it improperly and attract negative outcomes.

The law of attraction is nothing more than deciding what you want, focusing on visualizing yourself with that and believing that it already is available. Many untrained men and women use it to achieve either what they want, or exactly the opposite. The mind uses the law of attraction with no regard for good, bad, like or dislikes. You get what you ask for, regardless of whether you want it or not.

Suppose you want the house. You draw up the plans, scour magazines for pictures of different rooms, and picture yourself inside the house greeting guests. One day out of nowhere, you drive past the house of your dreams and find it for sale. You believe this is the right home but have no money to purchase it. Normal people would shrug their shoulders and walk away, not you. You know this is the house, you saw it in your dreams and every waking moment. You decide to check with the realtor anyway. Amazingly, the owner wants to finance the house for the seller, himself and doesn't need a down payment. The payments suggested fit into your budget. The house is yours. Is it coincidence? No, it is the law of attraction at work.

Do you ever wonder why some people get right up to the door of success only to have it slam in their face. They use the law of attraction in a negative way. They see themselves as failures.

You can create your own reality. It works. When you use creative visualization with the law of attraction, you direct your mind to see you where you want to be. There's nothing mystical about it. It works on several planes. The first is the fact that you are more aware when opportunity arises. You notice the steps to your goal when they confront you. In the example above, you saw the house of your dreams.

The second is that you believe that your dream is attainable so you take action on it, action that you never would have attempted without your visualization to confirm that success was possible. In the example, you looked at the house, something you normally wouldn't do.

The third may seem mystical and paranormal but is just science we don't yet understand. Had someone shown early man the computer, he would have said it was magic or witchcraft. He would have said that, not because it is paranormal but because he didn't yet understand how it worked or all the principals involved.

That's the same concept we have of the law of attraction. Thoughts are things; they are energy waiting to materialize. It requires guidance and focus but is available to every man and woman. In the example, your energy influenced the seller’s decision to finance the sale, even before you met him. Just like the computer, you don't have to understand how it works to use it.

When you learn to use the law of attraction in a controlled positive manner, a universe of possibilities begin to show up in your life. It isn’t mystical, nor is it magical, like the early man, you just don’t have the science yet to understand it.

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Conrad Raw is an expert in practical techniques for personal and spiritual development. He is the author of "Forbidden Secrets Of Personal And Energetic Development." He travels the world to learn and teach and is the founder of www.PowerfulLifeBalance.com, a website devoted to bringing you easy to learn techniques to increase your human potential and mind power. Visit his website for a free newsletter filled with tons of great tips and advice.