One things that many experts do is that they teach. Teaching a teleseminar in a subject that you know is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise to your potential clients and promote your business at the same time. Leading a teleseminar is a great marketing technique because it is very easy to use to promote your expertise.

There are many different types of teleseminars that you can teach. For example, there is a one time teleseminar, a series of classes, or create a very long teleseminar series to teach. You can charge for each teleseminar or offer a teleseminar at no charge to upsell your other products and services at the end of the teleseminar. You can use your teleseminars to promote your expertise in many different ways.

I have created a plan for you to help you use teleseminars to promote your expertise

- Decide how you are going to set it up. First, you will need to figure out whether you want to teach a class in your local area or teach teleseminars. I recommend starting out by teaching teleseminars, because when you teach over the phone, you can promote your teleseminar to a much larger group of customers, and, thus, get many more participants.

Also, when you teach teleseminars people from all over the world can attend them. Every time when I teach a teleseminar, people from the US, as well as people from other countries join me on the calls.

- Are you going to charge for the teleseminar or offer it for free? If you are just starting out teaching teleseminars, you may want to offer your very first teleseminar free. If you do that, you will get many participants, and this will be a good training session for you to learn how to setup and teach teleseminars.

You will derive a lot of benefits from this teleseminar, even if you do offer it free of charge. You can use the teleseminar as a free gift for people who subscribe to your newsletter. You should also upsell during your free teleseminar by making a special offer on a product or service to people who attended the free teleseminar.

- Do research, find an effective teleseminar topic and create materials for your teleseminar. It is very important to find the right topic for your teleseminar. A good topic will pack dozens or even hundreds of people on your call. But you will not be able to get anyone to sign up for your teleseminar if your topic is not of interest to them.

Once you have come up with a good topic, create materials for your teleseminar. Once you have the topic and materials for your teleseminar, pick a date and time for your teleseminar and start promoting it to get teleseminar participants.

Remember, leading teleseminars is an extremely effective technique to demonstrate your expertise and become better known to your target market. Start teaching teleseminars today and you will get more newsletter subscribers and clients in no time!

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