It's true. Orchestra conductors live longer than almost any other group of people by three to seven years. Many great conductors have even led major orchestras into their nineties.

There are a number of theories about this...

Some contend that the cardiovascular exercise from repetitive arm-waving, coupled with the increased cognitive activity and focus required by the job are the reason.

Others say the ongoing immersion in positive, mood-enhancing/alpha-wave producing rhythms is the key. Still others say it's probably genetic. The truth is, nobody really knows why conductors live longer, but I have a new theory...

The other day a friend sent me a video clip of Benjamin Zander giving a talk at the 2008 TED conference: I was moved and inspired by this man's passion and it suddenly dawned on me that maybe conductors live so long because...

What they really do is draw the "gifts" out of one group of people and immediately deliver them to another group!

It has been my experience working hands-on with thousands of people, that the happiest, most passionate and creative people are the ones who both give the most in life, and are also able to receive others gifts. It's this cycle of giving and receiving that fosters a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

What if your primary focus in life was to draw out the gifts in others and help deliver those gifts to the people most in need of them? How would that look? How would you have to "be" with people? How would you have to be with yourself?

Dr. John Amaral DC

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