The secret of how to be happy is based in the words – to be. It is all about being true to your own nature and honouring your dreams and aspirations. Happiness comes from within and you have the freedom to choose to be happy in any moment of your life. Happiness is not dependent on what is happening around you.
You have the freedom to think any thought you choose in any moment, if you give your Self permission to do so. The human mind is so creative and is connected to all that is, on the subtle levels of consciousness.
We have all heard of the Akashic Records, within which all knowledge is stored. There are two ways to gain knowledge: one is to look outside your Self – to go to school or university and be taught knowledge from another. The other way is to do some deep soul searching, where you use your passion and desire mixed with your powers of visualizing and creating with your mind's eye.
Using visualization, you start your energies vibrating at these frequencies, which sets up – let's say, a magnetic field – that draws your heart's desire to you in an effortless way. This is true happiness creating with source energy to manifest your most cherished desires.
This is a very powerful way to manifest, and it becomes possible when you are true to your Self and your own Nature; when you focus on what brings you joy and happiness. Know that happiness is the experience the universe gives you, when you align your energies with the Universal Life Force or the creator God.
Happiness is the experience you receive when you are flowing your energies in a life-supporting way, or when you are experiencing rapid evolution and spiritual and personal growth in your life.
There are many ways you can experience happiness – such as, through a relationship with another person, where you are both coming from a place of abundance and Self sufficiency. This is created through self-love and self-awareness, where you are complete within your Self and self-sufficient. You are then in a position to give to another unconditionally from a heart which is overflowing with Love and Joy.
You can also find happiness within your work. You can do this in any job just by choosing it, though it works best if you choose your own job, doing something which brings you joy and happiness; where you can be of service to others and have created a market for your service through positive, life-supporting marketing.
Having and bringing up children is another source of happiness, as the child’s creativity will mean there will never be a dull moment. A happy child will make for happy parents, and vice versa.
Choosing in a morning to have a loving gentle smile on one's face can make all the difference as to how people perceive you in the street and at work. Filling your mind with creative and positive ideas also helps to bring happiness into your life.
Happiness comes naturally when your energies are flowing from the love which is in your heart and you bring this love to all you are being and doing in your life. Meditation is one way to connect to this inner field of love – when you transcend your conscious mind into your feeling and emotions, and centre your consciousness on the heart centre rather than the head.
I have created a number of guided meditations to help with this process on my web site at:
You can listen to these meditations relaxing in a chair with the eyes closed and feeling the loving words washing over you. Personal development is one of the best ways to maintain happiness throughout your life as you continue to grow and blossom into your own true nature.

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