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Beverley was ecstatic when she discovered a box containing a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gold bracelet she’d been admiring at her favorite jewelry store. Thinking it was a surprise gift from her husband, Beverley said nothing about what she’d found. But the box soon disappeared. Several weeks later, at her health club, Beverley saw a woman wearing a bracelet exactly like the one she’d seen in the box. After making some discreet inquiries, and finding several telltale signs to corroborate her suspicions, Beverley learned that her husband and this woman were having an affair.

A cheating husband can often be exposed by the gifts he gives or receives. The wife who knows what to look for and where to look can usually find tangible evidence of her husband’s infidelity.

Laura found a gift box containing a sexy negligee in the trunk of her husband's car. He then tried to convince Laura the salesclerk had mistakenly put the wrong size in the box. Since Laura had already found other telltale signs of a possible affair, his excuses fell on deaf ears.

The exchange of gifts between lovers can be your cheating husband’s undoing. It can confirm your suspicions and provide you with proof that your husband is having an affair.

While going through her husband’s pockets before dropping off his clothes at the cleaners, Susan discovered a jewelry store receipt for 2 identical pairs of earrings. Her husband had given her a pair of gold earrings for her birthday last week. But who had he given the other pair?

Whether your husband pays for his lover’s gifts by cash, check, or credit card, there will usually be a paper trail. The type of gift or the amount of money it cost can also indicate an extramarital affair. If you suspect your husband of infidelity, be alert for the following gift-related telltale signs:

• Suspicious withdrawals from checking or savings accounts

• Unusual or unexplained ATM withdrawals.

• Credit card bills with unusual charges made at jewelry stores, boutiques, or women’s specialty stores.

• Receipts for gift items that you didn’t personally receive.

• Receipts or charge slips for two identical gift items.

• Hidden gifts obviously intended for someone other than you – too large or small for you, a color or style he knows you’d never wear, gifts with another woman’s name attached.

• Giving gifts of an extremely personal nature to or from another woman.

• Receiving gifts of a personal nature from another woman

• Giving a disproportionately expensive gift to a woman who is supposedly a casual friend or business acquaintance.

• Receiving a very expensive gift from any female other than yourself or a family member.

Gifts are just one of the 21 categories of telltale signs which can expose a cheating husband. (visit to see a detailed list with descriptions of the 21 categories of telltale signs) “Is He Cheating On You? – 829 Telltale Signs lists dozens of other cheating signs. To find them, all you need are your eyes and ears, your personal knowledge of your husband, and the information contained in the book.

If your husband is giving gifts to other women and receiving gifts in return, your marriage could be in serious jeopardy -- especially if you find other telltale signs. The future of your marriage may depend on your ability to recognize the signs of infidelity in time.

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