Autism is not a disease in its own right, but an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of symptoms, which are the result of impaired functioning of the brain. Some of the triggering factors considered responsible for autism are:

• Vaccinations
​• Exposure to environmental chemicals
​• Intake of some medical drugs during pregnancy
​• Genetic predisposition

When it comes to autism, medical treatment options are very limited and relatively ineffective. Mood or behavior altering drugs are sometimes used. To date, no medication has been found to eliminate the symptoms of autism.

Most of the services are behavioral, supportive services, which do not cure autism but may help support the family and assist with behavioral changes and development. These may include: Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech and occupational therapy, Family support and services. The long term financial cost to all the services involved for an autistic child can be immense.

Homeopathy is a highly effective medicine for chronic diseases that treats the person as a whole: mentally, emotionally and physically. But, to treat such a complex disease like autism a new approach and new remedies were needed. After years of research and testing we developed a new set of homeopathic combinations that we now use at Solaris to treat autism and related problems.

The treatment aims to complete recovery, not just improve functioning, and without the ongoing need for a heavily restricted diet, therapies, etc. The treatment focuses on four major areas:

1. Vaccinations - the dramatic increase of multiple vaccines in childhood coincide with the dramatic increases in autism around the globe. Countries adopting "100% vaccination rate" policy like Canada, U.S… have seen the greatest increases in autism. The first step of the treatment is the elimination of all toxic vaccinations from the body, particularly MMR and DPT.

2. Left-right brain imbalance – at the physical level, autism is a brain development disorder and, like dyslexia and epilepsy, belongs to imbalance hemispheres disorders. In order to address this, the next step focus on brain development/treatment and to correct the imbalance between left-right brain hemispheres.

3. Mental emotional imbalance - when it comes to mental emotional level it is quite obvious the degree of imbalance an autistic child has, and this is an area that needs to be addressed. Thanks to the new remedies developed, EML and MEX, this imbalance can be treated successfully.

4. Genetic predisposition - vaccination itself is not sufficient to produce autistic condition in a child. It requires inherited factors that allow the vaccination to severely destabilize the child. Not all the children develop autism after vaccination. Vaccination is just a triggering factor. Women who have prenatal traumas like the death of a spouse, divorce, job loss… have a greater chance of having an autistic child.

Last, but not least, raising a child with any developmental disability or behavior problems is very difficult. But there is something uniquely stressful about autism. The parents in the autism group had higher levels of parenting stress and psychological distress. There is always more to the story then they like to talk. This is why along with the main treatment for the child, we suggest a second/parallel treatment - mental emotional - for mothers or both parents.

Here is an email I received from the mother of a 16 years old boy from California, after two months of treatment. This is a very difficult and complex case, the boy was adopted as a baby with both biological parents heavily addicted to drugs and the mother taking drugs even during pregnancy:

"Martin is doing very good. It has been so peaceful, I felt a huge burden lift, it felt weird. Yesterday he got angry because I caught him in a lie and he started his constant talking nonsense but it was different it did not escalate into yelling, cursing, name calling and fizzled out after 10 minutes. Now that is an improvement.

Martín seems more engaged and not quick to complain or get angry because he is asked to do something. Right now I am on the MEX remedy, what a difference in behavior, calmer, focused, more delightful.

Yes, my son seems to be different, more logical, determined and I do think has made progress mentally. Things are going so well, I am ready to begin the next phase."

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Virgil has been practicing homeopathy since 1996. He is a member of Canadian Society for Homeopaths and has a practice in Vancouver, BC. You can contact him via his web site: or by phone at: 604.442.4305