You REALLY want to succeed in business. Nothing will stop you THIS time. What will make the difference so that what happened in the past (failure) will not happen again?

I once had an Amway Rep prospect me. This was before I became serious about Network Marketing. I had no intention in joining her program, but, she sure had some great books and tapes she was willing to lend me for free (paper bags full).

There was one particular book that I read and actually wrote some of it on a piece of paper and hung it up on my wall. It is still there and I share it because it asks the tough questions about whether you are WILLING to do what it takes to make success yours. This is key and quite frankly, it scared me and forced my thinking into an honest self-evaluation about what success "looked" like.

1. Am I willing to see my future without limitations?
2. Am I willing to spend my time being successful?
3. Am I willing to commit to owning a real business?
4. Am I willing to make the decision to believe?
5. Am I willing to recognize my personality is fine?
6. Am I willing to take responsibility for myself?
7. Am I willing to genuinely care about others?
8. Am I willing to bring the spiritual values that are important to me into every area of my life?
9. Am I willing to change the programs that have stood in my way?

--Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. from "Network of Champions"

I am. Are you?

The round wheel on my wall provides some little "thangs" which you may find helpful if you are in search of that customized lifestyle which you pray will be realized soon, supported by your home based business.

If you Question and Require yourself enough, YOU can get what you want in life. However, your desire WILL exact a price. Here it is ...

(In no particular order)





Confidence (In Products, In Opportunity & In Self)


Genuine Excitement / Sincere Enthusiasm


Willingness to Work Hard


Focus (Not Easily Distracted)

Willingness to Try (Take immediate Action on New ideas)

One of the best general quotes that I have ever read for WHAT to do to succeed, was by Benjamin Franklin. It was short and to the point, which is how we must be in this continually changing environment called life.

"If You Would Not Be Forgotten, As Soon As You Are Dead & Rotten, Either Write Things Worth Reading, Or Do Things Worth The Writing."

... And he really knew how to generate electricity!

Whether you think that your success is by accident, is meant to be, or just needs some good old fashion tenacity ... be sure to keep in mind your Questions and Requirements.

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