I've often seen the world as black and white. Either you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

Which one are YOU?

Do you genuinely give of yourself to others, or do you get in their way, as well as block your own success?

Taking a Black or White approach in business and in personal matters is not always realistic ... in fact, things usually fall into the Gray. You may come across as Rigid in other people's eyes and need to really take life individually, case by case, person by person.

Have you ever beat a dead horse? I haven't, but in thought, I have, and continue to preach on the Necessity to build Yourself to the point of tremendous value, in order to be a blessing to others. You cannot give to others what you do not own yourself. If you practice self-destructive habits, you will give this away in the process ... not good.

Take building a Network Marketing downline organization for example ... a successful one, one that affords a day when you can retire and the checks continue to increase, even pass residuals on to future generations.

It is not until we understand our own life, "Who AM I?" ... "What am I HERE for?", that we can truly bless others by providing enough value to them to make THEIR business/life work. This in turn, of course, will make you successful.

Once you come to grips that you do provide essential value to others, just keep doing it. The results will come. For some it will take a long time, for others not so long. As long as you do not give up on your dream, the results will be realized eventually.

I remember something I read many years ago that inspired me to never give up on my dream:

Suppose you are in California, and are promised a Million dollars, and the money is waiting for you in New York. It is safely deposited with your name on the account but you must personally pick it up to get it. You are broke now and have a car, and all 4 tires are flat. The engine works and it rolls, just not too well ... kind of bumpy.

The money is there, you'd probably be better off hitching, but, you decide to take the flat-tired car. Will you make it? Yes, you will make it. When? It depends on how consistent you move east. Will it be tough? Yes, it will be tough. Will it be impossible, No, as long as you don't quit.

If I leave now, I will get there in 3 months, because I need to work some to pay for the gasoline, eat and sleep. It will take longer the more time I spend off the road. It may take a year or more, if I delay in any one place for too long. Who knows, I might fall in love half way there and cancel the trip altogether.

The point is, you have a place to go and you set off determined to get there. You want it bad enough to begin. You'll get there only by staying focused on the journey.

In your business, you must provide much more value to others relative to what you receive back. I know it doesn't seem fair, however, it is the way business is done. If you are selfish, and want to get paid for ALL your effort, you will need to work for somebody else. In business, you take risk, risk with your time investment. No guts, no glory. No faith and belief, no dream attainment.

I subscribe to the Basic Law of Economics "Supply and Demand." If you build a better mousetrap, people will beat a path to your door. If you are giving a 10:1 value for product or service rendered, they WILL line up all the way down the block to get some! They will pay .

I hope you have superior value and are letting many know about it. I hope that you are a Blessing to others and not a Stumbling Block, whooops, that's smart!

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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