Find something you feel passionately about - Ok, I'll readily admit that on the surface this seems like a no-brainer. Yet it never ceases to amaze me by how many people I talk with that feel as though they're just going through the motions with regards to the events in their lives (both business and personal).

My Friend, you may be at a point where you personally feel as though things are a little stagnant. I can sympathize with you. I know in the past I have certainly felt this way myself. Getting up each morning going to a job that I didn't particularly enjoy. Doing things that I didn't really find all that exhilarating.

Then it dawned on me, if I was going to make a change I simply had to stop talking about it and at least take small active steps towards doing it. So rather than quit doing the things that I didn't enjoy I simply started dedicating a little bit of time to the things that did inspire me. Things I could get excited about! As time passed I realized that more and more of my time was being spent on the things I enjoyed doing in my life.

The truly amazing thing was that suddenly I was no longer counting the hours I put into an project. I loved the new path I was on so much that the long hours of effort it was taking became almost enjoyable. Oh yes, and along the way I did let go of a lot of the things that no longer inspired me.

I do the motivational web site and my two free newsletters full-time now. I have always had a passion for such things, and I do truly believe that our achievement is going to be directly proportionate to our ability to focus on the things that inspire us! These things move us to action in ways that simply can't be explained. I call it one of life's unsolved mysteries.

Each one of us has within us a special plan. Often times it can take a while to realize what that plan might be. Far more often the plan itself is a journey composed of many twists and turns and lots of valuable life lessons along the way.

I find a certain peace in accepting that life is a journey and displaying a willingness to accept and have faith that in the end all will work out. I hope this message finds you well on your way to accepting what life may have thrown your way... Your friend in success, Josh Hinds

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