The best are a fearless group. You’ll never catch them running away or backing down from an imposing challenge. As a matter of fact, these top performers look at challenges as golden opportunities to put their best to the test and really find out what they are made out of. They have come to realize that the only sure way for them to get better is to challenge the champion inside themselves daily. This requires courage in the face of adversity.

Contrary to popular belief, courage isn't really all that hard to come by. After all, courage is an inner trait each of us possess. We were born with it and we never lose it. However, some of us consistently show more courage than others.

It takes a little courage to overcome the little things in life. Most people can muster up enough courage to handle the minor things, at least every now and again. Far fewer people are ready, willing and able to summon the courage it takes to face the bigger challenges life presents.

After all, it takes a lot more courage to overcome the bigger obstacles and stumbling blocks we encounter. When the circumstances demand a more than casual commitment to complete a task, there's always going to be a big group of people who think it's probably not worth the effort. It’s a shame that some people would prefer to "take the day off" and go hide rather than just go ahead and tackle the bigger challenges head first. When these would-be winners needlessly give in to their fears, they ultimately pay a very heavy price for their failure to show the courage needed to win.

Winners realize that it takes all of their courage to handle the challenges of day to living, yet they are always up to the task. They understand that their ultimate success will come from doing what they know they should be doing, when they should be doing it – regardless of whether they feel like doing it or not. Doing whatever it takes is the true definition of courage as far as a winner is concerned. Instead of buying into the notion that they "can't" do something, winners choose to believe they can.

In order to bring out that champion inside yourself, you too need to put your best to the test every day. That means doing whatever it takes, whenever it is needed. The winner inside you needs to come out and enthusiastically take on the challenges presented daily – without hesitation, fear or doubt. When you show the courage to tackle the toughest of problems every single day, then and only then will you discover that you do indeed have what it takes. In order for you to take your rightful place among the best that has ever lived, you need to demonstrate leadership in your every day action.

Whether you like it or even admit it, all sorts of people are counting on you. Your family members count on your resilient strength and unwavering conviction. Your friends count on your boundless energy and eternal optimism. Your coworkers count on your inexhaustible enthusiasm and uncompromising commitment to excellence. As a matter of fact, people all around you are counting on you to set the tone and to set the example. And you're not about to let these people who count on you down, are you?

Hey, don’t worry about whether you have what it takes or not. When you show the courage to go out and lay it all on the line day after day, putting your best to the test, you're going to find that your best is plenty good enough.

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